Heir to The Throne of Stars

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(Will upload a clearer pic when possible)

「Character Information」
Name : Hoshimura Akito (Birth Name)
Akito Elster (Current)
Gender : Male
Element : Light (Current)
Story : Hailing from the Empire of Elster, Akito is the first and only son of Queen Amica . Being next in line to the throne after his father had passed away from a tragic incident when he was just eight, the Noble House expected much from him, given how great of a figure his father was. Unfortunately for him, that means there were countless of things he had to do, whether he wanted to or not, with no room for error. Even so, he managed to work his way out and became the top-ranking student of the Royal Knighthood Academy at his first year.

Still, not even him could hid away the truth of who he really was, and leave the past behind. And so he prepared himself for the day it inevitably will be revealed..
Likes : Drawing, Watching animations, Mayonnaise, Milk chocolate
Dislikes : Hot places, Margarine, Burritos, Dark (Bitter) chocolate, Daily practice
Weakness : General laziness, Being shy and awkward around people, Lactose-intolerance (A problem since his stomach can't handle his own favorite food)

Skill Name : Constellar Slash
Skill Animation : Akito unsheathes the 「Refulgent Blade, Regulus」strapped onto his back and readies his stance. Pausing for a while to charge, the lining on his clothes glowing a bright white or yellow. He then dashes forward toward his opponent. Striking multiple times, he launched them into the air and slashed them in a specific pattern before pummeling them down with the final strike.
Attack Type : Single
Quote : "How troublesome..I expected a better opponent than this !"

Character Owner : OtakuFan

With OtakuFan.
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    I look AWESOMER there!!!! Banzai!!!!!! Banzai!!!!
    Oooooohh!!! Does that make Okaasama as Quenn Amica?? ARIGATOU ZEROTH-SENPAI!!!!!!!!!
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  2. Zeroth
    Yep. Amica's name taken from Amice which is a synonym for Veil
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    Who should I add next ? Kenneth ? Jess ? Aika ? The Kraken ?
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    Make sure to read the Unwrite thread first to get to know the story :0
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