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  2. Fuzzball
  3. Dash the vizard
  4. KennethTheStoryteller
    Plot twist: she's a fallen angel.
    Reason: Too dirty. Lol.
  5. Fuzzball
    (why do I feel like it from Skylanders, Whirlwind...... Wow...)
  6. K.W♥
    True though.
    I make a lot of lewd things.
  7. MarkedSniper
    Angel has come to save us. XD Bible in a nutshell
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  8. Jasper Angel
    Jasper Angel
    I love it!!!
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  9. Kawaii-Chan
    I wish I could draw wings like that. I can only draw dragon wings, not angel wings.
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  10. Ź3pHýŘ
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  11. K.W♥
    Thank you all for the love! I really appreciate it! ♥
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