Senpai Slayer KuKu

"Where are you senpai~"
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Already perfect Kil + Jae Arnice! Nervous(?) Cyko doodle the 7! Young Dumb Broke (Dice x Ami) Bad Apple!! (Celestial Alice) Senpai Slayer KuKu DJ Eve test draw City in Night Luni Magy and Groot Temachii Magy and Groot LUKEY "P-Phantom~!" Rashmi WIP
Reva Hendrawan
"Where are you senpai~"
  1. Veil of Wrath
    Veil of Wrath
    Your art style is so cute! :,3
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  2. Reva Hendrawan
  3. !Error!
    Your senpai is dribbling the basketball
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  4. Fuzzball
    °-° (Basketball-chan~)
  5. Ź3pHýŘ
    You two commented, is this a coincidence? Or destiny?!
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  6. Fuzzball
    A coincidence. °_°
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  7. !Error!
    Your funny guy stating you while eyes are glowing
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  8. Lil Alex
    Lil Alex
    So :duck: kawaii :3
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  9. Elly Young
    Elly Young
    WOW *_* ur artwork its so NICE!!!!! >///< <3<3<3
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