Stupid Evil

Iwa and Riku in their official designs
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image Aria Kanzaki~ Riku and Iwa ~The Stupid Evil~ Christi~ Christina Chan~<3 Dark Magician~! A Different Way (Elly Young) Elly in Ibis Paint X Version Stupid Evil purple wedran soul thingy Taking a stroll.. kitty cats Nya! [Request] Time for your appointment..~ New OC'S Kina! press the key
Iwa and Riku in their official designs
  1. Ź3pHýŘ
  2. KennethTheStoryteller
  3. Christina Chan
    Christina Chan
    Riku and Iwa must be units... I wanna gacha them
  4. KennethTheStoryteller
    Nah, they're antagonist in the Gachaverse (I'm lying.) Though in all seriousness, they are evil, travelers from both Gacha Studio and Pocket Chibi.
  5. Christina Chan