Tsundere Phantom

Ok um here&#039;s this tsundere of a DJ<br />
<br />
Oh and that I have a teensy headcannon that...
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A Random Person
Ok um here's this tsundere of a DJ

Oh and that I have a teensy headcannon that Phanton has long-ish hair idk why it looks nice tho--
  1. frisky
    Omg,i loooooove tsundere's and phantoms, yaaaaayy
  2. StarBoqs
    I also think Phan is tsundere XD
    It also reminds me of an AU I'm working on right now where the all the DJs(the male DJs are genderswapped XD) are highschool girls with powerful mixgears to protect vinyl city(a bit mahou-shoujo-ish but not exactly like that) and Phantom is a tsundere on my AU XD
  3. Zeroth
  4. Fibxcii
    I don't (actually) like tsundere, but this is amazing! :D
  5. DarkMagician