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  1. Galaxy cute Paw
    Galaxy cute Paw
    when I was on a forum and it scrolled down, i thought it looked like a inkling.
  2. Singer0190
    Found a export for my character
  3. sillysamy
    if you want to be number one you have to be odd
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    1. Odyssea
      Bleh. Agree.
      May 26, 2019 at 2:56 AM
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  4. Index
    Index Charlotte
    Charlotte, can you reset my password? I have forgotten it.
  5. Pikachu_lover
    Of you take life one step at a time then you can take in the amazing views
  6. Bristol12345
  7. Esmeralda_LovesGacha
  8. Greenapplesandnature
  9. Beepboxer108
    Life will always try to bring you down, but you always have the power to rise back up
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  10. ryannsws
    hi i’m ryan and i like to party
  11. JoseGS
    Guess who's back I am
  12. Maria Raphaely Santos
  13. mariana alejandra
    mariana alejandra
    마리아나 알레한드로 페냐 로페즈
  14. AirDragon
    It's real Soft Shaffee Hours
  15. Mrs.potatohead
  16. Chloe Coicou
    Chloe Coicou
    i wanna play some gacha please give some updates im begging lunime
  17. ineCelin
    ineCelin Luni
    When is the Import glitch on Gacha life going to be fixed?
    1. KeniliosTheSpeedyGay
      Idk, in gacha life 2 maybe
      May 26, 2019 at 3:08 AM
  18. Mrs.potatohead
    Me new some one pls help me out
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  19. ZeeoPlaysGacha
    ZeeoPlaysGacha Luni
    Luni... i have some complaints about the pocket chibi spam bots... im new to this website so idk if i can send pics but they have some very bad things ang this is getting bad. I belive they use to be named lockdown bot but now its gotten bad. Same with the name and what they say when spamming.
  20. WaffleChan
    Hi OppositePancakes! BTW Celestite is the one that gave me that name...