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  1. Monster_girl
    Don’t mess with me
  2. FlickerMaision
  3. #MayaSquad
    #Mayaclub ismy friend
  4. Anachronism Stew
    Anachronism Stew
    Blind people and deaf people both have 50% immunity to flashbangs.
  5. Rainbow Steve
    Rainbow Steve Charlotte
    Can you please change my name to "Rainbow Steve"?
  6. Pheonix_Catcher123
    Hey.......don´t like bullies......SKYLEEŚ besty!!!!
  7. MIIMI
  8. Willow Peterson
    Willow Peterson Alex G.
    Sup alex!
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    1. Alex G.
      Alex G.
      Sup, Willow.
      Jan 23, 2019 at 9:38 AM
  9. gacha dublagens
  10. Angela Wendy
    Angela Wendy
    Life is an one time offer, use it well!
  11. gacha dublagens
    gacha dublagens Luni
    por favor lança o gacha life em português do brasil (faz a mesma coisa com gacha dreams)
  12. AlexisNobuyuki
  13. gacha dublagens
    gacha dublagens Luni
    please put the gacha life in portuguese(brazilian)
  14. strikergaming10
  15. Alex G.
    Alex G.
    I've been wanting to make videos but I'm not good at editing and stuffs. Can someone teach me about it and recommend some editing softwares?
  16. Celphalon_Moon
    898 :D this Celphalon is close to 1000
  17. Mayoi
  18. Ninaoi
  19. SantiagoDjesus
  20. Evan-kun