&quot;Come on, there&#039;s a lot of happiness here!&quot;<br />
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Request from Erick.<br...
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"Come on, there's a lot of happiness here!"

Request from Erick.
I haven't contacted him in long time and I'm so happy now because he's back!
  1. W1Z4RD
  2. Nexorn_
    Yes, because there are important parts left behind.
    You can see lineart, lineart with extra color (?) is my trademark
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  3. Kitter
    I like it, you did an excellent job! Much better then what I do lol. (I like the notes you put in as well, adds to the feature lol.)
  4. Rex Jaeger
    Rex Jaeger
    He's daddy now lol :^
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  5. Nexorn_
    Yes, wait—
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