A Maid's Dress

Opal &quot;Libia&quot; Weston (c) Me<br />
<br />
Time: 6 hours. More or less.<br />
<br />...
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Opal "Libia" Weston (c) Me

Time: 6 hours. More or less.

Program: FlipaClip

W̶a̶i̶f̶u̶?̶ ̶H̶m̶m̶.̶.̶.̶
  1. Sir Maca
    Sir Maca
    Thought it was a live2d image but oh well, the art is looked pretty
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  2. Rhianne
    A fellow maid... Naisu~
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  3. Theis
    maids are definitely epic, and this one's an epic waifu-
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  4. W1Z4RD
    Yess, more good animation.
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  5. KawaiiJutcho
    I wish I could animate like you. Oh well, back to Flipanim to do bad animations.
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  6. Tictoc
    Dis is a great animation
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