Aretha (Sketch)

Awakened Aretha (WIP)<br />
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Alias: The Lil&#039; Azathoth, Medusa, Nyarlathotep&#039;s...
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Thanks for holding still Test OuO I think I'm getting better I drawed Sick My Oc Nyarlathotep (Keith) (Sketch) Aretha (Sketch) Kaya Selenia Lunaria (OC) 1/3 I wanted to do something Seeing things @w@ Meh tried O w O "Hooo-yaaah" "Hello , my Gacha summoner "
Awakened Aretha (WIP)

Alias: The Lil' Azathoth, Medusa, Nyarlathotep's girlfriend

Disposition: Timid, quiet, poor expressions of emotions, calm, kind, caring, blunt (little), indifferent, loyal, naive, funny (depends), lazy, friendly, aloof, gentle, forgiving, brief-talking, bashful, withdrawn, pranky, sensitive, gluttonous, lustful (if her sensitive zone are pressed by Keith)

Level: Very Safe

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Blood type: B

Age: 13

Likes: Drawing anime, Keith (love interest/boyfriend), video games, making **** with Keith, Keith's jokes, her OCs, badminton, her friends jokes, Lunime, Cthulhu Mythos, Artcore music, action movies, dating with Keith, sleeping with Keith, cat, slime, MGE, Cuphead, Bayonetta, romance, Arana, Miku Hatsune, kuudere, Yuki Nagato, Dreamlands, freedom, vanilla ice cream, seducing Keith on bed

Dislikes: Keith's shamelessness, being restrained, being abandoned and abused (even she doesn't care), being disturbed, troublemaker, violence, expressions, dog, math (depends of materies), Keith's selfishness, dragonfruit, arrogant and sarcastic person, being gossiped

Hobby: Spending time with Keith, drawing, playing handphone

Inspiration: Automaton from MGE and other characters of MGE, Succubus Lilith

Birthday: 10 June 2005
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