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  1. xNekoXSweetx
    It looks GREAT! OwO tyyyysm
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  2. Odyssea
    Good, but here's a tip.

    The position of the head matters. It needs to be a bit more to the right (at least for this one), so it's located somewhere at the top center of the neck. (if you know what I mean :0) Because like this, it looks like the head will fall off soon. (Don't worry W1Z, I've been through this a whole lot of times before.)
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  3. GachaSilver
    I want something like that :0
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  4. W1Z4RD
    @Odyssea Okay, I understand. I was trying to make her head bent down, but yeah..
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  5. Odyssea
    Oh, dats of course okay~~
    Jas some tips you could use later, oho~~
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  6. ~Astrophel
    That’s pretty good, Wiz! You’re definitely improving,
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  7. Tictoc
    It's really nice
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