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I&#039;m back!! <img src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie8"...
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im so proud of this!! Kitsune Miko Trying new editing styles lavender Lol, does this scare you? "Yo man, wanna see a picture of my pup?" Galaxy gatcha edit C y k o p a t h Tondo-kun >w< Alce Inui RainHardt(????) Oopsies, big oopsies. Happy pride month, kids. Request New Style, I guess?
I'm back!! :D
There's a bunch of new characters and games in Lunime now, but I still like Cyko the most...ww So I draw him, and also...Yep, I'm back XD

I'd probably be more active in my youtube channel, mostly posting speedpaint videos...btw, here's the speedpaint link of this Cyko boy:
  1. Odyssea
  2. Izumi kun
    Izumi kun
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  3. W1Z4RD
    For some reason, I though he had a ponytail for a second..
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  4. Kakuri
    improvementttt~~ :3
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  5. AlexFoxPlayzAndDraws
    Thats gonna give me nightmares. Lol good job.