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Hello everyone, Here's Qefie...For the while that I didn't come back, until now, I...
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Hello everyone, Here's Qefie...For the while that I didn't come back, until now, I think I should say it clear. The reason why I decided to leave it's that I'm an underage user.(I'm 11.) Since I get a bit popular, but I'm also a bit scared if someone finds my secret about my true age. Many people said that I have a great artistic skill, and I've to play Lunime's game, so I want to share my art here. But now I feel really guilty...just because I'm not old enough.(And that's another reason why I delete my DA account.) Sorry if I bother, but I really want to become popular and make friends in here. (It's also improved my English skill.) So...Now, I don't want this account gets deleted, some of you don't want me to leave and I don't want either. I will come back when I'm old enough.(13 years old, I think?) Thanks for reading,
Qefie will come back in 2019 summer.
  1. Locke
    Goodbye fellow member, hopefully you'll remember lunime.
  2. Fuzzball
    She was a good friend, I hope she will remember Lunime when she's old enough :'] (by 13, ofc)
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  3. Sparkywor
    Don't worry about your age ^u^~ Anyone is welcome here as long as they aren't causing trouble and understand that some content might be a bit mature (Not 18+ though). Keep up the great art!
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  4. Summoner x
    Summoner x
    yeah age is something that get in you way some time what and what different does it make if you charge when your 13
  5. Red_Ruby
    ...all i have to say is oof
    sorry, really