The tea demon is back<br />
With more a e s t h e t i c<br />
Also, WIP
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The tea demon is back
With more a e s t h e t i c
Also, WIP
  1. Serenity(^3^)
    Did you make that background :0
    Celestite, AirDragon and K.W♥ like this.
  2. AirDragon
    Yes, I did uvu My brush lagged the whole time lol
    Celestite and Serenity(^3^) like this.
  3. Serenity(^3^)
    hhhhhh YOU MAKE IT LOOK SO EASY AND BEAUTIFUL!! *screams inside*
    Celestite likes this.
  4. AirDragon
    Glad you like it ;v; I hate lineart today more than usual, so i thougth I'll try this style
    Celestite and Serenity(^3^) like this.
  5. Fuzzball
    Background made by professional-
  6. AirDragon
    That's probably the best part of this mess lol
    But I'm faaar away from professional xD