Doki Doki Lumine Club!

Originally by: Celestite<br />
Fan art by: Me .-.<br />
--Featuring--<br />
Celestite as...
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Originally by: Celestite
Fan art by: Me .-.
Celestite as Sayori
Edglina as Yuri
Yunoki as Natsuki
and Jane (Project) as Monika! ^^
This is a fanart of a gachaverse scene that Celestite made awhile ago. I didn't want to fully commit to it because I think Gacha Gal wanted to be Yuri, but I had already completed the basic sketch when I found out... so I just gave it basic coloring. I might remake, but idk .-.
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  2. Fuzzball
  3. ~Ondina~
    AAH this is adorable!!!
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  4. Gacha-Gal-J
    It’s okay lol, Looks cool!
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  5. Marc
    sweeeeeeeeeettttt...damn creative as hell
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  6. Marc
    love it
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  7. Marc
    and the art xD
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  8. Project
    If any of you guys wanna be protag... you better pick me and ONLY me ( ● - ● )
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  9. Just Kenneth
    Just Kenneth
    Hmmm... Nahhh...
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  10. 3rn57
    Can't I have all four?
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  11. ERRORAnGeL
    Doki Doki Cutie!! :3
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