The second Winner from Deishry&#039;s art raffle, uhh Elise from Gacha~ Amino.<br />
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Galactic Kitty x ...... Jojo Wildbolt I still don’t believe my art is that good Lucky- Oc kirou Alcha and Carrie Costume Xenophanes Elise! XD I dident really get it so i try’d Sorry I’m so late ask my boys tom and tord tom is in blue hoodie and tord is in pink Hey pine_pines/sis your not the only good one at shading =3= i just finish reading starboy eddsworld and in the middle I was like oh why don’t I do star theme then at the end I couldn’t I was to sad cuz ya... I tryd to get the same but it didint work I hope you still like it some ones oc I fergot ther user name Yeet doing something kind because I’m bored anddddd I can only do two sorry
The second Winner from Deishry's art raffle, uhh Elise from Gacha~ Amino.

I'm sho glad to finish them even though I still have more art to finish.. (°v°')
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