Hiccup.<br />
I found the motivation to do this!<br />
Gin belongs to <a...
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I found the motivation to do this!
Gin belongs to @AirDragon

With AirDragon.
  1. K.W♥
    I made the beverage red, due to the green not being very visible. It makes her look more drunk anyway!
  2. AirDragon
    This looks absolutely stunning!! Thank you :'0
    What name should I credit you? I'm linking and collecting these images under my contest post on fb-
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  3. K.W♥
    Either Kina, or K.W is perfectly fine, if that's what you're asking for. :eek:
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  4. AirDragon
    Yup! Thank you ;v; I'm just collecting these, because it's actually a contest, and a winner gets a drawing from me-
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  5. Odyssea
    Wow, this is nice! Too bad I haven't started working on mine tho... '-'
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  6. K.W♥
    BTW, @AirDragon, would you mind directing me to the contest entries, or the page for the contest or somethiiinnng..?
  7. AirDragon
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  8. Gacha >:3
    Gacha >:3
    Her smile makes her look more drunk
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  9. Gacha >:3
    Gacha >:3
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