I wanted to do something

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I drawed Sick My Oc Nyarlathotep (Keith) (Sketch) Aretha (Sketch) Kaya Selenia Lunaria (OC) 1/3 I wanted to do something Seeing things @w@ Meh tried O w O "Hooo-yaaah" "Hello , my Gacha summoner " I did something to it For @The_Creator_Karma When art block hits you
  1. Smol Shion
    Smol Shion
    Nice job!
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  2. melody_shy
  3. Smol Shion
    Smol Shion
    Your welcome!
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  4. ∆Delta∆
    Loving it. 10/10 right there
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  5. melody_shy
    thank you Delta
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  6. Smol Shion
    Smol Shion
    I like those thick block looking legs. xD
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  7. melody_shy
    oof i just realised that XD
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  8. ∆Delta∆
    Extra thicc
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