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Oh hey, A new OC A Cold Trip Neko DJ Lapis (old design) “Do you need something?” Peace Sign! Ignacia 【 TRIBUS ↔ SUPERSTES ↔ ₴₳₲₳】 THREE ↔ SUVIVOR ↔ ₴₳₲₳ Genderbent/Nyo Harper W1z OC req -blue- Yay yay My OC badges ANAPIELLELLEL Princess Nora 【エル・タンゴ・エゴイスタ】 EL・TANGO・EGOISTA
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  2. Galaxia the Alien ★
    Galaxia the Alien ★
    I love it! Where do you take requests?
  3. W1Z4RD
    @Galaxia the Alien Sorry, I don't take requests anymore-
  4. Celestite
  5. Galaxia the Alien ★
    Galaxia the Alien ★
    @W1Z4RD ah, ok, just wanted to ask if you do..
  6. W1Z4RD
    @Galaxia the Alien I will probably open a request sometime, when I don't have anything to draw.