I'm sorry

Sorry for the lack of posts, just been really busy, forgive me!
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Sorry for the lack of posts, just been really busy, forgive me!
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  2. CiaLucifera
    This is beautiful ! Great art!!
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  3. ~Ondina~
    Aww thank you!! I'm happy you like it! I'll do my best to try even harder!
  4. RugietFlá
    I'm lose this time :3
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  5. ~Ondina~
  6. celestite cristals
    celestite cristals
    Ondina don't cry.here *gives crystals* I hope this makes you happy
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  7. ~Ondina~
    I brighten up~ oooooh!!! Shiny!!
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  8. K.W♥
    Sweetest, it's totally fine! You can take as much time as you need to get what you need done. We all love and care about you, and we're all very patient and fortunate to have you as a part of this community~!
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  9. ~Ondina~
    EEEK!! My heart!! I really enjoy being a part of this community as well. And I'm glad you think of me as one ( 0////0 )//
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  10. QueenCreepster
    This is so cute! Your amazing at art, don't worry about anything. Just keep up the good work and we'll be happy! =D
    You are a wonderful person (even though I don't know you irl) and you are so sweet. Have an amazing day =3
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  11. ~Ondina~
    Aww I'm so thankful!! Honestly I'm kind of a tsudere when it comes to things, ( lol) but I hope I can open up more to people I know and most of my friends online!!