KittyLovesPie [Request]

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  3. Kakuri
    well it actually only took a day, I was lazy and didn't like the previous 2 attempts so i redid it hehe... sry..
  4. _!ERROR! _
    _!ERROR! _
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  5. _!ERROR! _
    _!ERROR! _
    Can I make a request?
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  6. Kakuri
    okok np :>
    will take a while tho
  7. ~Ondina~
    These are so beautiful!! *this oops, the color composition looks really nice and it flows really well:3
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  8. KittyLovesPie
    Thank you soo much!!
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  9. Kakuri
    np :> hopefully this is the right oc?
  10. KittyLovesPie
  11. Kakuri
  12. Krist Gacha
    Krist Gacha
    She's so beautiful !!!! i love the the shade you put on the hair and the face too ! anyways,i love all you did ! :)