Lucky with Love

Actually, Zen is a unit full of unfortunate luck-<br />
<br />
Apparently, Valentine and Dice...
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Just Kenneth
Actually, Zen is a unit full of unfortunate luck-

Apparently, Valentine and Dice has heard about the previous description of Zen's portrait. They wanted to hang out with him, assuming he has been dealt a bad hand. They've fallen-
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  2. Just Kenneth
  3. KilledInTheNameOfLove
  4. Frost_the_frost
    what a man
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  5. KilledInTheNameOfLove
  6. Kitter
    oh my lord.... i read all the comments....... i-im....... im just gonna go......
    (why am i still here XD)
  7. KilledInTheNameOfLove
    (Idk why ur still here uwu
  8. Kitter
    ( just to suffer *insert sad face here* XD)
  9. KilledInTheNameOfLove
    (Check out teh link that I put on here, read the comments there uwu
  10. galactic kitty
    galactic kitty
    uhuhuhuh~ Zen should just say he dont love both UwUb
  11. Kitter
    (oof XD)
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