Luna (GR contest)

Character Name: Moonlight Luna<br />
Element: Water<br />
Credits Name:  YukiRunran<br />
<br />...
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Character Name: Moonlight Luna
Element: Water
Credits Name: YukiRunran

Quotes (Optional):

Normal Quote: Aha~ This will be my first time visiting a resort!
Happy Quote: Oh my! I'm so happy! Let the moonlight bless you and your kindness
Embarassed Quote: K-Kumoame is looking.. please stop it..
Mad Quote: You shall be banished from this world!
Easter Egg Quote: Me and Kumoame are inseparable ever since we met!
Gem Beach Quote: Let me bless you with many gems!
Victory Quote: We won! I must thank Kumoame and the moon for being here.
Defeat Quote: I accept our defeat but I will try harder next time!
Skill Quote: I will support you!!!
  1. Azion
    Her eyes <3
  2. Bagel Girl
    Bagel Girl
    That looks awesome! You're a great artist! That could be in a game.
  3. Makoto Eguchi
    Makoto Eguchi
    That art is awesome! I hope you Will open art request, i Will love to request art to you ^^
  4. thebreaker
    Wow, the design is exquisite
  5. YukiRunran
    Thank you everyone for the nice comments!!!

    @Volentia I won't be opening an art request, sadly. However, I'm thinking of opening an art raffle anytime soon in my page in fb and opening a kiriban in my dA page!
    FB page:
    dA page:
    Be sure to watch out for it! //you can support me by liking and watching me there, it really motivates me to do a raffle and kiriban
  6. YukiRunran
    And also, if I have free time, I'm thinking of opening a personal art raffle in the official lunime fb page! So watch for that, as well.

    Once again, thank you!!
  7. Makoto Eguchi
    Makoto Eguchi
    Its ok, Keep up your food art ;3
  8. EdgeSlash
    I agree with everyone that Ill give you credit for that