"M-my Pocky!" (இ ‸ இ✿)

An artwork before school starts. Hope you like it~!
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An artwork before school starts. Hope you like it~!

With Theis.
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  2. ~Astrophel
    This is most definitely the best thing I’ve seen today.
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  3. Izumi kun
    Izumi kun
    When you are sad or angry, look at this image made by Rihanne representing Theis stealing pockies from her
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  4. Rhianne
  5. Izumi kun
  6. Izumi kun
    Izumi kun
    Sorry autocorrect
  7. *~Esmeralda~*
    Poor RB.. Oof
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  8. Project
    STEALING POCKY THEIS?!? This is a true act of evil worthy of cruel and unusual punishment!!!! *^*
  9. Phantom kitsu
    Phantom kitsu
    This is...adorable
  10. Tictoc
    It's cute but...why did theis steal all da pockies!!!!
  11. Doggygirl
    You are litarly drawing me and my brothers on monday