Mako Chan~

Ehehe, Just a random drawing of Mako Chan ^^
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Makoto Eguchi
Ehehe, Just a random drawing of Mako Chan ^^
  1. Makoto Eguchi
    Makoto Eguchi
    Ah wait, this should be in the Gacha Summoner fanart album... *Facepalm*
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  2. ~Ondina~
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  3. Locke
    Whoa, never thought you draw this good! Keep it up
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  4. Makoto Eguchi
    Makoto Eguchi
    Thank you! ^^
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  5. KawaiiJutcho
    SO KYOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD *Falls down beacuse its so cute*
  6. sierra123