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Luni Yandere Pat(Sorry for the added Ketchup) Zaike and his girlfriend Rei and Jenna Bren Sharko Shoi Zakera (genderbend) Mathroyska T&R Chibi Serenity Pat My New OC, Ami Russians.. MUMBLE (Fanart) Title Page Ko Chan's fanart A furious Kanna (Kanna):my chocolate
  1. W1Z4RD
    N I C E
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  2. _!ERROR! _
    _!ERROR! _
    Welcome back
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  3. RugietFlá
  4. Smol Shion
    Smol Shion
    Wait, I'm confused. We collabed? I am confuzzled. But, this is some good art!
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  5. RugietFlá
    @Smol Titania sorry its a random collab without asking.

    But i'm glad you like it!
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  6. Onyx Anime
    Onyx Anime
    It's really creepy, AND I LOVE IT!
  7. galactic kitty
    galactic kitty
    Its creepy! but i like the art style 0w0