Nagisa Reference

My newest oc xD<br />
Am proud of her<br />
Time spent: <br />
OC design: Somewhere between 2-3...
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My newest oc xD
Am proud of her
Time spent:
OC design: Somewhere between 2-3 Hours
Art: 1 hour 50 minutes
She's a kuudere, doesn't care about others but Hope and Yunoki.
She likes eating sweet food while spicy food makes her cheeks REALLY red.
Heh now i want to brag about it with my irl friends-//slapped
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  2. Deishry
  3. ica_k
    aww! it's cute
    i like the art style in this owo
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  4. Deishry
    its le char i want u to draw for le trad uwu
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