Hehe... now its time to draw my own gachalife character :&gt;<br />
With background:...
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Hehe... now its time to draw my own gachalife character :>
With background:
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  2. ~Ondina~
    GASP** she's so pretyyyyyy °0°///
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  3. _!GLITCH!_
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  4. Project
    OH ITS LOVELY!!! I love how her hair was designed like a flowing waterfall!!!
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  5. Werewolf girl
    Werewolf girl
    Pretty !!!!! I love her
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  6. mae stepphanie anne
    mae stepphanie anne
    so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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  7. galactic kitty
  8. Nova The Space Warrior
    Nova The Space Warrior
    Did anyone notice the chain on her foot?!
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  9. Kakuri
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  10. gachaoreo
    This is awesome! I can see you going far in the future
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