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Awakened Nyarlathotep (Keith) (WIP) ---------- Alias: The Crawling Chaos, The Haunter of the Dark, The Black Pharaoh, Dark Messiah, Messenger of Outer Gods Disposition: Evil, violent, perverts, blunt, cold, dark, manipulative, bossy, selfish, glamorous, arrogant, uncaring, kind (at times), funny, internally sweet, bold, harsh-talking, fast-talking, talklactive, mischievous, reactive, impatient, passionate, intelligent, cunning, ill-natured, short-tempered, aggresive, independent, lustful (if he kissed by Aretha) Level: Dangerous Height: 190,9 cm Weight: 200 kg Race: Outer God Gender: Male Blood type: A Age: Beyond all concepts of time (chronology) 22-24 (pschycally) Likes: His horsemens, Aretha (love interest/girlfriend), crime, making **** with Aretha, pomegranate (his favourite food), EDM and artcore music, serving Azarita (Azathoth) (he sometimes manipulating her), video games, anime, dating with Aretha, licking Aretha, dog, competition, handphone, Aretha's draws, his family, Richard (best friend), talking harshly, joking with mocking people, supernatural things, darkness, comic, sports, candy, Dreamlands, action movies Dislikes: Kiwi, classical music, book, cat, Esther (currently), being bored, Aretha's bashfulness, quiet and introvert person, being abused, Harlita's carelessness, stupid person, lamb, helping person, Elder Gods, Mario (Yhastur), c*n***, vanilla ice cream Hobby: Hacking, harassing Aretha, drinking alc*h** Inspiration: Cursed Sword and Gazer (Monster Girl Encyclopedia) Birthday: 15 June