*Ondina is crying! What do you do?* ( vote for what I draw next, succubus, cat costume, or...
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*Ondina is crying! What do you do?* ( vote for what I draw next, succubus, cat costume, or sweets :3)
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  3. Celestite
    wE shOuLD NoT lEt tHE WaiFus CRy

    Good art
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  4. Theis
    to whoever made best grill cry, i swear on my life, i will find you, hunt you down and politely ask you to stop.

    also draw the succ pls
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  5. Celestite
    I will help you to hunt that person who made Ondina cry
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  6. Patato worior
    Patato worior
    I love it with all my heart
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  7. _!ERROR! _
    _!ERROR! _
    What's makes you happy? I guess
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  8. ~Ondina~
    Tehe thanks for the support, also, I would love to draw any of them so I don't care what the ppls choice is :3
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  9. Kikicocobell
    ((o;△;o)) why is this cinnamon roll crying! who did this!?
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  10. Quix the Fallen
    Quix the Fallen
    I would hug her, ask whats wrong, then ask to be friends with her and get her sweets and stuff to cheer her up!

    -Quix <3
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  11. ~Ondina~
    Aww so sweet!!
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  12. Project
    Oh no~!!! The adorable little fluffball is crying!!!! ;^; pls send her sweets to make her feel better!!!
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