Romance First Novel :^)

Welp, I tried Bruhs.
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Welp, I tried Bruhs.
  1. Izumi kun
    Izumi kun
    Oooo well it’s very well done
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  2. KawaiiJutcho
    I wanna play it.
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  3. Project
    Protag: "W-what is it, bruh?"

    Incu: "The truth is..."

    *turns around and looks at protag over her shoulders as a light breeze blow her flowing, silver hair*

    "I always wanted to be more than bruhs!"

    Protag: "Bruh..."
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  4. Incu
    "in fact, You'll be My Comrade Bruh!" -smirks and placed both of my hands on my shoulders Proudly-
  5. Tictoc
    This is great bruh