Surprise Project Reveal!!!

Credits to Celeste for allowing me to use DJ Celeste in this Project!<br />
...<br />
A while...
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Credits to Celeste for allowing me to use DJ Celeste in this Project!
A while back people signed up for a surprise project that i was creating not knowing what i would do with their OC... well this is it!!! :3
Basically what im doing is taking 2 people and switching their outfits to promote a new art thread that I'll be creating shortly!
So to everyone who guessed that I wouldnt spoil my own surprise, congrats! You get bragging rights!
Its Jane and DJ Celestite switching outfits
btw it was originally going to be digital, but my idiot self deleted the sketch on accident ._.
  1. Celeste

    and thanks for drawing me
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  2. Project
    Sorry again...
    so much progress on the digital drawing was lost and it really made me angry so I just made a 10 minute sketch ;^;
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  3. Just Kenneth
    Just Kenneth
    •3• legs too thicc
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