Sweetgum is sweet-sweet-but-tsun indeed

Long time no post here<br />
I draw Sweetgum~<br />
(she is NPC in gacha Life)
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Long time no post here
I draw Sweetgum~
(she is NPC in gacha Life)
  1. galactic kitty
    galactic kitty
    She really cute~ *give her lolipop*
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  2. ~Ondina~
    OH I remember her!! So cute~
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  3. Frost_the_frost
    she hated anime if i recall, and it didn't help the fact my character was holding a knife pointing at her
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  4. Locke
    She darn cute.
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  5. Theis
    Tsunderes are the best -dere.
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  6. Fuzzball
    (I thought Yandere's were best-
    You know what, we have o p i n i o n s. °v°')
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  7. Celestite
    ( I like the dandere ones

    O P I n I o n)
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  8. PinkFlower7
    *gives her 99999939393827181991818 bubble gums*
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  9. DetektifSherry08
    O p i n i o n s
    O h y e s
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  10. lavenderr
    any cold character: *exists*
    the internet ooohoho lookie its tsun sun haha