Thanks for holding still

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The result Brother attacking me with a shoe A Sketch of Keleste Me and big bro Me and my weapon Boredom I honestly don't know Thanks for holding still Test OuO I think I'm getting better I drawed Sick My Oc Nyarlathotep (Keith) (Sketch) Aretha (Sketch) Kaya
  1. AlexisNobuyuki
    Thank you so much! Its so cute! Ill be sure to use it as my ipad mini’s wallpaper!
  2. BlackTozo
    your welcome anything for a friend also really i have the honor for that
  3. AlexisNobuyuki
    Mhm! Every new art that i get, i use for a background
    BlackTozo likes this.
  4. BlackTozo
    oh i see then thank you matjesy
  5. AlexisNobuyuki
  6. BlackTozo