The Earth Papa

More OC fan art! This time, I made fan art of <a...
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More OC fan art! This time, I made fan art of @ChocoSanParou's OC, Geb the Earth God.(^∀^)
To be honest, you have so much creative OCs that I had a hard time picking which one to make fan art of...

Character belongs to @ChocoSanParou ~
  1. Anachronism Stew
  2. Zeku
    Mr. Worldwide, The earth is dying cause soon their is gonna be global warming and the ozone layer will die.
  3. Anachronism Stew
    Anachronism Stew
    And World War III pretty soon, so, yep.
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  4. Zeku
    Can we live on Mars instead?
  5. Celeste
    His hair kinda looks like Edgeworth's hair
  6. ChocoSanParou
    This.. Is perfection. Thank you.
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  7. FRANC-223
    @ChocoSanParou Thank you and no problem! Your OCs are very cool! (・∀・)
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  8. melody_shy
    oof it looks great OwO
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