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&quot;Well everybody somebody guess it&quot;<br />
Hahaha&amp;\&amp;\&amp;\&amp;\... ĘŔŘØ4
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"Well everybody somebody guess it"
Hahaha&\&\&\&\... ĘŔŘØ4
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  2. ~Ondina~
    Lol #DreamsCrushed XD
  3. KennethTheStoryteller
    Oof. °<\ I mean... If you're gonna be a queen, go on your own land I suppose. I'm not ready for an actual marriage.
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  4. ~Ondina~
    Ah um I didn't mean marriage wise but oooookaaaay :0
  5. Fuzzball
    Holy moly... Damn, that expression on his face... I love it- *o*

    Wait, the code is Azazel. •>•
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  6. rule_breaker 18
    rule_breaker 18
    >.> yeah i agree with fuzz
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  7. ~Ondina~
    OOOH, I might fan art this, I have a like for cute and scary things
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  8. rule_breaker 18
    rule_breaker 18
    oof OWO ... hm? =w=
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  9. ~Ondina~
    What's that face for?! @~@
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  10. rule_breaker 18
    rule_breaker 18
    Nothing... =3=
  11. ~Ondina~