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Requested by: @GachaSilver
My phone's back so back to finishing requests.
I suck at glasses, sorry. U_U""
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  2. W1Z4RD
    @Taffy Nono I did not. I displayed it on my shelf.
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  3. Sir Maca
  4. GachaSilver
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  5. -Gacha Natalee-
    -Gacha Natalee-
    Canyou make me art for my character?
  6. W1Z4RD
    @-Gacha Leia- Currently art requests are over for me, so maybe send an image of your Oc and I'll draw it sometime..
  7. -Gacha Natalee-
    -Gacha Natalee-
    My oc is on my profile pic
  8. W1Z4RD
    Okay. I will save the photo and draw it sometime.
  9. Tictoc
    Can you recreate my profile pic plz
  10. W1Z4RD
    Okay but not right now.
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  11. Tictoc
    Okay thx