Anime Gacha! (Simulator & RPG)

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    Anime Gacha is a 100% free gacha simulator that lets you pull characters as many times as you want! Collect 180 anime-styled characters and level them up by pulling duplicates of them. You can form a party of five characters and battle Raid Bosses! Compete with your friends and other players in many different leaderboards! Start your rolling today and form the ultimate team!

    «Game Features»
    ★ 180 Characters to gacha! Collect them all~!!!
    ★ RPG Battle system with elemental strengths & weaknesses.
    ★ Level up and Quest!
    ★ Leaderboards for all Gacha cases and Raid battles.
    ★ Infinite Gacha Pulls/Rolls!
    ★ Achievements!
    ★ Free to play! No need to pay money to pull the best characters ^.^

    - If your internet is slow, try turning off wi-fi before you start the game
    - The game may lag on old devices
    - If your device starts to lag after playing a while you may need to restart your device
    - Turn on "Lag Reducer" in options to turn animations off
    - Bugs may occur if you turn wi-fi off

    Thanks for playing Anime Gacha (アニメ ガチャ)!!