『 The Vanished Hero 』

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    A boy , walked to a well , and accidently dropped his toy. He tried to get it and fall. Splash... A sound of water.

    Upon the well , a shadow figure looked down and dive in. Splash..... In the morning , the boy woke up at the beside of the well , back to the surface with his toy. He thanked the shadow figure which saved him. And the way back home , he ask to himself ,"Who is that person ?"

    It was something that no one know. No one ever seen his face or real body. People theorized it as "The Vanished Hero"

    The story started 5000 years before his appearance. Corruption spreading every part of universe. Even Goddess of Creation , Luni , can't fight back and had to consumed by corruption. And the position was held by an evil god that called himself as *Erased* ( Due to spoiler , 本当に ごめんなさい )

    But soon , A hero from another dimension with a great fairy that called herself as Ellie together purifying the universe and defeat him in order to not making the corruption back. And called as "Hero".

    But it returned and consumed the great hero and the fairy in disguise of "Purifying back the universe".

    Again , another hero was summoned by another great fairy and using Gacha technique like the last hero , successfully sealed the corruption of universe into Earth and put their last efforts barricading the well which sealed the corruption. And this hero was called as "Another Hero"

    But , 4582 years afterward of the war , the seal broke and released another catasthrope , starting from Earth and spread into another places. But this time , it was broke by a man who seek powers , Kuro. He now possessed the great power of corruption and he ruled almost the universe.

    The another part of universe , the uncorrupted one , had to surrunder due to their big forces....

    412 years before his appearance , many great fairies summoned heroes from another worlds and failed too , the summoned heroes got corrupted back and joined the corruption forces. This happened nonstop for 6 years.

    The year has come.

    Great fairies are uncapable anymore of summoning heroes and the fairies had to surrunder...

    Until , near the end of the year , the last great fairy , Yuu , with the hope she had left , she successfully summoned a Hero which name is unknown , had the corruption forced to retreat. It's name is unknown , also whether it was a male or female , Yuu didn't tell about this. Yuu taught "It" about the Gacha and "It" learned it quickly. "It" has its own strategy and with limited gachas , its luck is infinity and already summoned a 7-Star Hero in its first attempt.

    "It"s plan first step is to establish a purified base. And made Corrupted Luni was sent to there. After sent Luni there , instead of spreading corruption back , "It" successfully purify back Luni and made her conscious back.

    With the leftover of Luni's power , she gave "It" her power to navigate the universe. And for years of purifying , "It" successfully pushed back the corruption half the universe.

    Kuro , now the former Corruption leader , started to focus to attack "It" with all strenght he got.

    After 4 years of wars , "It" was never heard again , vanished with Kuro. The war was won by "It" , no one know , but one thing people know till' today , the well , which the second hero used to seal the corruption , is used back as a seal and no one know who created such a thick barrier , and no records of person drowned into the well.

    People who wanted to suicide there tell that there was always a shadow figure upon the well after they dived inside to drown themselves. And the next day , they found themselves back at surface and forgot how they're brought back to the surface.

    "The Vanished Hero won't let anyone broke the seal , not even by Accidental"
    The Line was written in fairy language that probably written about 1900 years ago , after the hero defeated Kuro , the line was found at one of the block of stone at the well. But no one know who wrote this line , but most people theorized , it was Yuu who written it.

    The legends survived for eternities and only two people know the truth. The Great Fairy which called herself as Yuu and Goddess of Creation Luni.

    Bonus Art | By MelonkënGewehr ( Me who draws ) :