A Reality where I was reborn a Rabbit

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    -- REALLY QUICK --
    Hi hello Project again!
    Before you continue I just want say some things real quick.
    - Please don't comment on this post.
    Under normal circumstances, I love when you guys engage yourself with the projects I create, but this time I want to keep it all organized under one thread. If you guys want a place to comment on this project, please vote on it above and I will make one if its highly demanded.
    - This Story contains themes that others may find intense.
    If at any point, you feel uncomfortable with the plot or visual illustrations, I advise you enjoy another thread instead of this one. I felt I should notify you all of the possiblity and even created a warning down below if you ignored this entire section.
    - I'll be editing and creating this story whenever I feel like it.
    The next chapter can come out after 3 days or after 3 months so dont expect some sort of release schedule
    - I'm making illustrations again! :3
    If I get lazy, I may use Gachalife to make the scenes, but I'll try my best to illustrate just for you guys!
    - Thank You in advance for reading!
    Or scrolling down to look for images (I know some of you do that)

    -- WARNING --
    The following may contain mature themes or material that I would not recommend for younger audiences. Please read with an open mind and heart.

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    I laid on the cold asphalt road unable to comprehend what had happened. It all transpired far too fast for me to understand. I was walking down the sidewalk, then there was a loud screeching sound, and before I knew it I found myself slowly losing consciousness in a pool of my own blood.
    I remember seeing so many human silhouettes huddled around me, screaming out in horror while a blaring siren echoed in the distance.
    I wanted to tell them how much it hurt; I wanted to tell them that the stinging pain was agonizing and seeping into every joint in my body, but when I open my mouth to speak, there was only a flow of blood in place of my words.
    No matter how hard I tried to voice out the thoughts in my head to these people, I was unable to do so.
    Slowly but surely, the world around me was fading into a bright shade of red.
    This is it, I thought. This was how my story ends.
    The sounds of the ringing sirens slowly faded and the panicked murmurs of the crowd around me quickly became inaudible. The world was now tinted in crimson. Soon, I could no longer identify anything but that dreadful shade of red.
    As my vision rapidly blinked between red and black, I felt a hand softly embrace my own. It felt so warm and full of life; It was a sensation that I was unwilling to release, but far too weak to hold onto any longer.
    I began to see the life I lead rapidly replay in a bright flash of white. Mom, Dad, Friends, Family, they were all there with me. We were all so happy. All the while, I could hear a desperate voice crying out my name.
    “Emily! Emily! Please don’t go!”
    Whose voice was it? I couldn’t tell anymore. Soon I couldn’t hear it anymore.
    All my life, I had convinced myself that I was afraid of death, but in my dying moments I realized that death was not what I had feared for all my life; What I had feared the most was what came after. And what came after was nothing but black.

    I opened my eyes only to be greeted by an unsettling darkness. My body felt light but pressured, almost as if I had been submerged underwater.
    Where am I? How did I get here? I could not remember the answers to those questions. I could not remember anything at all.
    I took a slow step forward into the emptiness when suddenly my foot collided with what felt like a condensed ball of air. I quickly stepped back as a blue sphere of gas began to illuminate in the darkness of the void.
    I stared at it completely mesmerized by its flowing movements when out of the corner of my eye, another light began to shine.
    I looked all around in amazement as hundreds of thousands of lights slowly emerged out of the darkness. They flowed all around my in quick, mysterious patterns, like lost children desperately searching for their parents. The sight was beyond anything I could have imagined.

    “Beautiful, aren’t they?” a deep echoing voice spoke behind me. “The souls of the lost.”
    I quickly turned around in horror to see a massive hooded figure dressed in robes as black as the abyss itself. In his hands rested a massive, wooden sickle with a blade that reflected the bright lights that loomed all around us.
    Harvester and (human) Emi.jpg
    The figure removed his hood in response, fully revealing the human skull that hid underneath it.
    “I am the Harvester,” the figure proclaimed. He bent down so that his glowing blue eyes met my own. “I shall guide you now.”
    He took me by the hand and began to lead me through the dark fields of light.
    I followed silently, too afraid to speak.
    “Where you prepared to die?” the Harvester finally asked after what seemed like hours of silence.
    Was I prepared to die? What a stupid question to ask, but I guess no one, not even Death, enjoys moments of awkward silence. Ask anyone that question and, sure enough, almost no one would reply with a simple yes. Anyone in good health would reply with something along the lines of “no way” or “what the heck is wrong with you?” but, surely, no one would ever willingly say “yes” and mean it. Not without proper context at least.
    For a while, there was a moment of silence between us.
    “You’re not much of a talker, huh Death?”
    “I am the Harvester,” he replied stopping in his tracks. He let go of my hand, turned and looked down at me. “And you’re not very talkative yourself.”
    Though his voice remained monotone and his boney face showed no expression, I couldn’t help but feel there was a hint of amusement in his words.
    We continued our walk into the extending void side by side. The silence between us no longer felt awkward. It was almost as if the Harvester was just an introverted friend more than anything.
    Suddenly, he stopped and stared at me again.
    “Would you be willing to suffer and die again?” He asked
    What did he mean by that? Like if I could live again would I?
    “I don’t know.”
    “Let me rephrase,” the Harvester replied. “Would you be willing to live again? To be reborn so that you can laugh, cry, experience life and die all over again?”
    “I'm not sure. I dont want to forget the life that was mine, but if I was given a chance to try again... maybe its worth the sacrifice...”
    "If I promised that you would be surrounded by people who would love and protect you in this new world, would you accept my offer?"
    I hesitated, but answered with full confidence. It's funny how a little context could change the answer to such a question.
    "I would."
    "And if I told you that this new world would try to kill you all?"
    "I'd die long before that world gets to any of them."
    The Harvester stepped back. His eyes flickered in anticipation.
    “Prove it,” he uttered as he raised the blade of his scythe high above his head.
    Frightened, I took a step back and closed my eyes hoping that he was trying to scare me, but the sharp pain in the back of my head was all too real.
    I opened my eyes and gasped for air, but to my surprise the pain, the Harvester, and the mysterious void were all gone.
    All around me stood tall oak trees whose branches shook as a light breeze passed through them. The chirping melodies of various birds echoed all around me as I slowly made my way to a small pond in the clearing of the woods.
    I knelt down on the soft grass by the water lilies and stared at the rippling reflection casted upon the water’s surface.
    I was alive and I was well, but as I stared into the water, I realised something was off about my appearance.
    I was much shorter than I remembered and the clothes I wore had completely changed. My hair was much shorter and styled differently while my eyes mysteriously shifted hues from a creamy hazel into a shining gold. It felt so weird, but among all the changes, one of them stood out the most.
    “W-why… Why do I have rabbit ears?”
    -- Prologue: “I was Reborn a Rabbit” Completed --