A yandere's desire

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    *this an alternate continuation of "the demons heart part 1" please read that if you haven't*

    Lily pressed her lips firmly against Lord zero, holding his arms down and forcing herself onto him.

    Lord zero's eyes widened, his heart felt like it was going to stop, as he blushed a tear appeared from his eye.

    Lily broke off the kiss and looked Lord zero in the eyes "you belong to me now, i promise you that" Lily said coldly.

    "what?" Lord zero asked before he coughed and his vision started to become fuzzy "w-what did you do?" he asked forcing his eyes open and trying desperately to remain focused.

    Lily traced her finger around her lips and smeared a bit of her red lipstick onto her finger "just, a little special something, you didn't see this coming did you" Lily said in a suggestive tone, "now sleep" Lily whispered in Lord zero's ear as Lord zero fell unconscious.

    Hours later, Lord zero awoke in an unfamiliar room, he was lying down on a bed with black bed sheets, his arms and legs were chained to the bed, around him were walls covered in pictures of himself. Lord zero's eye sight began to adjust, he came back to his senses and was now fully aware of the situation "oh...hell" he murmured under his breath, as he struggled to break free of the chains he noticed a painful feeling in his fingertips, suddenly a feeling of dread washed over him, as he realised that his claws had been taken "no no no, dammit" he said.

    "it wasn't easy, they were so sharp" Lily said, she was sitting at the edge of the bed and staring at Lord zero "i cut myself three times trying to remove them, but it was worth it" she continued.

    "Lily? What the hell are you doing?" Lord zero asked sounding angry and clenching his fists.

    "isn't it obvious? Because I love you" Lily said sounding almost sad, she moved closer to Lord zero, her cheeks were a bright red, and the closer she got to Lord zero the quicker her breathing would become. Lily looked Lord zero in the eyes and slowly caressed the side of his face, a small but unnerving smile on her face "i did it, i finally did it" she said "your finally here!" she continued.

    Lord zero had an emotionless expression, his mind was clear and he was completely calm "Lily, think about what your doing, do you really think that you can keep me here?" Lord zero asked blankly.

    Lily pressed her finger against Lord zero's lips "sshhh" she whispered, "don't talk" she said as she lied next to Lord zero and cuddled up close to him. Lily kissed Lord zero's cheek and looked at him "i promise that I'll take good care of you, from now on, you have to depend on me, and I'll make you love me, one way or another you will love me...you don't have a choice" Lily said coldly before she rested her head on Lord zero's chest and continued to slowly caress his face.

    Lord zero remained quiet, right now he had nothing, he had no way of escaping, right now he really did have to depend on Lily, in some ways he was almost proud of her, richer and more powerful people than Lily had tried to capture him and failed completely, Lord zero just had to be patient, the odds of Lily getting someone like himself to fall in love with her, especially after what she has just done, were unlikely.

    "That's what I thought five years ago, but I have loved her ever since" Lord zero thought to himself.