Aegis Stones: Character Files

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    I created this so that you guys could learn more about the characters. I’ll be updating this whenever a new character appears( I’m not only doing main characters, I’m also doing side characters.).

    Showing her dragon features
    Age: Unknown,looks around 25-30
    Height: 167cm or 5’6
    Species: Niflheimr
    Occupation: Jobless
    First appears: Prologue

    A niflheimr who arrived on Panthereus by Visara’s meteor, it is prophesied that once this meteor hits Panthereus, that something big will happen that year. She doesn’t remember anything from her past but she doesn’t let that worry her. She knows how to wield chakrams. When she sings she causes anybody who listens to it, to feel certain emotions depending on the emotion the song conveys ( Ex: The song conveys anger, it causes people to fight each other).


    Ambitious: She’ll do anything to find her memories, she won’t let anybody stop her from reaching her goal, even her own friends.

    Quiet: Most of the time she’ll not talk because she’s deep in thought.

    Trusts people easily: She trusts people only based on personality which could result in her trusting somebody that’s fake.

    Weapon: Chakrams
    Nameless Chakram: They appeared along with Raffine when she arrived on Panthereus. It acts like a normal chakram, maybe it needs to be activated?

    This would probably be her theme: F-mine by Onoken

    Additional Notes:

    • Hates it when people disrupt her while she’s singing
    • Can sing opera, pop and jazz
    • Can do a little bit of acrobatics
    Uni’s note: I tried so hard not to spoil anything. Most characters will have their own themes. Next character will be the Arbiter of Qualia: Zero!
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    Zero (Aka the very smug boi)
    Age: “It doesn’t matter how old I am, you decide how old you think I am. I won’t mind if you think I’m really young or really old.”
    Height: 154cm or 5’1
    Species: “ To make it simple, just think of me as an error, a being that shouldn’t exist.”
    Occupation: Arbiter of Qualia
    First Appears: Prologue

    A mysterious being who takes the form of a young boy. He has absolute control over Qualia but he likes to let his guests design it. He gives his guests hints on what to do next and tell a bit about what’s going to happen to their fate. He has tendency to respond to questions as “ I did say that you can ask me questions, but I didn’t say that I would always answer them.” while having a smug face. He likes watching other dimensions and gardening while he’s not busy with a visitor.


    Elusive: He’s very difficult to predict and the hints that he gives aren’t really crystal clear.

    Wise: He’ll normally give advice to his guests

    Patient: Rarely gets impatient, he doesn’t really care how long it takes for some to do their task.

    (I couldn’t explain this with one word so yeah) First, he’ll be very cold and mysterious as he gets to know you he’ll start revealing his cheerful side.

    His probably theme: Altale by Sakuzyo ( My favorite artist UwU)

    Additional notes:

    • Likes having Tea Parties
    • Can transport items from Qualia to another dimension but can’t do the reverse
    • Can change his form anytime but he never does it
    • Most of the time will have a smug face
    Uni’s note: Next character will be Rika Aldrian
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    Nice character bios!
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