Aegis Stones Lore

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    I finally made this after saying I was going to make it like 3 weeks ago. Before starting chapter 1, I recommend reading all of the lore here because I will be referencing it a lot.

    Also here's an update on Chapter 1, it'll probably come around the begininng of April. I just need to finish the cover page and the lore here. I'll try finishing the lore this week. I might add some more lore as the story goes on, so make sure to look at this thread over time.

    The Creator Xannath
    Xannath, the father of Dragons, he has aboslute power over anything. His first creation was the two goddesses Morrigis and Elarris. Morrigis was the older sister who controlled death. Elarris was the younger sister who controlled life. Soon after creating the two sisters, he created Draamur who ruled over the spirit realm.

    After three days of hardwork, they created the land known as Pantheriase. It resembled the body of Xannath. They created humans and niflheimrs to coexist. They were both intelligent species, humans were very passionate and ambitious and niflheimrs were very peaceful dragons that didn't like fighting. To keep the order in place, Xannath tasked his daughters to create the 12 divine dragons. The dragons were worshipped by the humans and masters to the niflheimrs.
    12 Divine Dragons
    The dragons that were created by Morrigis are:
    Uriase the god of Fire and Warmth
    Gimryen the goddess of Ice
    Xaldris the god of Knowledge
    Dementriase the god of Decay
    Esairtnemed the god of Trickery and Illusions
    Aersaiplo the god of Space and Time

    The dragons that were created by Elarris are:
    Aquawar the god of Water
    Aryx the god of Weather and Wind
    Veredia the goddess of Harvest
    Terraveus the god of Soil and Rock
    Idhiss the goddess of Light and Medecine
    Ilriase the god of Night and Wayfinding

    Each dragon was also tasked to create more species. They were all given a vivid purple stone called the Aegis Stones. Each era there is a person called the Dragon Saintess whose tasked to meet all 12 of them and gain their approval. They're the only ones who can visit them. After gaining all the stones Xannath will grant any wish the person wants.
    Each era a person is blessed by one of the dragons and gain a portion of their power called Arcaea.

    The War of the Two Races
    As all was going well, until humans started gaining more power, they thought that they were the "Superior Race" and started hunting the niflheimrs. In return, the niflheimrs retaliated and started brutally murdering humans even children. Xannath being nowhere to be found, Morrigis and Elarris started fighting because of this. Morrigis believed that the niflheimrs were right to murder the humans. Elarris believed that humans should be given another chance.

    During the war, Draamur went on a search for Xannath. 12 years after searching, he still couldn't find Xannath. Being sick and tired of the war, he tried to stop the Morrigis and Elarris but he was too late and Elarris was slayed by her own sister. He had no choice but to seal Morrigis and then he gave the authorites to the 12 divine dragons. After doing that, he disappeared out of existence. The dragons separated the niflheimrs and humans. Humans were living a peaceful life again and the niflheimrs went into hiding.

    Uni's note: The next lore will be about what is going on now and why there's a rebellion. Also there's going to be more about Draamur because he did many things that affected his reputation years after the war. I should probably make a timeline for this.