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    Hello Everyone!! ZachTheAndroid here and I was thinking... "I'm seeing so many people make little info threads on their characters. So I might as well join the crowd!!" So, today we're starting with the legend that started my Lunime account and My Main Oc... Zachary ( Zach ) Zypher!!

    Name: Zachary Zypher

    Nickname: Zach

    Age: 16 ( Age Might Change.... )

    Species: Humanoid

    Infinite Power Core: Zach has a Core inside his body that gives him Insane amounts of power when it's at full charge. Zach only uses the core during emergencies.
    Humanoid: Due to Zach's 'Upgrade', he is a literal weapon. He is Stronger, Faster and Smarter than most humans.

    Laser Blasts: Using some of his core's power, Zach can shoot red laser blasts from his hands or feet.
    Shockwave: Zach can occasionally store energy into his feet so when he stomps, he can blow people away.
    Flight: Zach's Final Power is Flight. He uses minimum of his core's energy to fly around the air easily.

    Mother and Father: ??? : Deceased.

    Backstory: 16 years ago, a child of two criminal masterminds were born into the world, This child was Zach.

    He grew up with his criminal parents for 3 and a half years before that destined day. Government Agents raided the families home and killed the Parents of Zach. When the Agents found Zach, they were hesitant on whether they should kill him or not, but one agent brought Zach to a lab so he could grow up to be a 'assisstant'.

    When Zach turned 9, that's when the incident happened. He was pushed into a machine by a Agent that killed his parents. The agent was certain the machine would kill Zach but, the machine upgraded Zach into the World's First Humanoid. Zach ran from the lab that day as well, and never came back...

    - Zach Can't Swim
    - Zach is Allergic to a Mixture of Gold and Silver dusts.
    - Zach never knew his Parents Names...

    Appearance: Screenshot_2019-01-14-11-58-10.png
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    Yay! I got to know Zachary's origins! BTW, guud job!
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