Anima (CH1: The Humans and and the Anima)

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As of now, who do you side with? :3

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    This series may contain mature themes, strong language and graphic visuals which i would not recommend to younger readers. Please read with an open mind and heart.

    -- Chapter 1 --
    「The Humans & the Anima」

    Growing up on the island of Hope, we were all told many stories about Humanity when we were at our most feral. How long ago, a system existed where the more powerful and wealthy individuals enslaved those of poorer social statuses and forced them to do their bidding by use of lethal force.
    The powerful ones would push onto the frontiers of the world enslaving any and all other Humans that they deemed inferior to themselves so that they could satisfy their own greeds. Anyone who dared to oppose them were executed brutally and without hesitation.
    But this did not stop those who wanted to do what was right. Konkairo, an island nation in the far west and high advicator for peace and equality amongst all Humans, helped in the battle against the corrupted.
    But as the battles raged on between them and the people of Central Land... fewer and fewer of the Konkai returned. The battle for true peace and freedom grew more and more hopeless as the campaign dragged on. All seemed lost as Central Land pushed forward onto the doorsteps of the Konkairo Nation.
    But before the Central Land could attack and end the war, an unexpected third party interfered. Magnificent creatures that amalgimated Human and Animals from every corner of the world: The Anima.
    It was clear to the Konkairo that they too wanted to see the end to the Corrupted Humans rule, so the Konkairo sent their greatest warriors to aid the Anima in Central Land. Together with their combined, overwhelming forces, the corrupted humans were vanquished and Humanity was free to live in peace once more, now with the company of their new friends.
    Or at least thats how it was supposed to be...
    The day that the Corrupted fell was almost the day that all of Humanity fell. When the war ended, the newly liberated people of Central Land and the people of Konkairo were mercilessly betrayed by the Anima. Billions upon billions perished in the mass extermination coordinated by the very friends that they had trusted with their lives. It was clear to them now that this was the Anima's plan from the start... but by then, there was nothing they could do...
    Those who survived scattered across the world desperately trying to escape humanity's genocide and fortuntely, survivors from Konkairo found a new home far off into the distant west. A new island which they called Hope. Here the survivors would prosper in isolated peace for many generations and build up what was lost to them.
    But now those days of reconstruction are gone. Hope has become heavily overpopulated and resources drain faster than ever before. Now some of us plan to take a great risk and sail out back to Central Land in hopes of starting a small colony to help sustain Hope. And for very complicated reasons, I was selected to be one of the new adventurers on this dangerous quest, but that story will be saved for another time.
    -- to be continued --

    -- Introducing --
    An orphaned human boy and older brother to a very unique sister. Born in a difficult time where humanity must push outwards to sustain themselves, Maru does all that he can to protect and parent what little family he has left. Maru has had a hard life that molded him into a very perceptive and careful individual. Though many people fear him because of his sister, some individuals greatly admire him for his skills in combat. Like all Humans, Maru has a great fear of the Anima.
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    I'm really digging it so far! The dual perspectives make these short backstories all the more interesting!
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    But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked