Anima (Prologue)

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As of now, who do you side with? :3

  1. Humanity

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  2. Anima

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    - Hi Im Project nice to meet you
    - Its been awhile since I've written a story so it may seem pretty meh
    - For now I'll be using Gacha Life to illustrate images but (if you've never seen one of my stories before) I might draw pictures to go with it later on
    - the story will continue to go on as long as I have the time to make it (cause life keeps me busy) i hope you understand
    - Please read the disclaimer thank you!
    This series may contain mature themes and language that i would not recommend to younger readers. Read with an open mind and heart.

    -- Prologue --
    A Tale of Men and Monsters
    Long ago in a time before our peaceful era, there lived a single dominant spieces that was supposedly destined for "greatness" and driven by "righteousness": the Human
    They were a smart, structured, and powerful species. But instead of helping those around them, the humans abused their gifts and ravaged the land, warping the very reality of nature to bend to their own wicked visions.
    With every selfish action they committed to, they slowly plagued the world to near annihilation. But before they could do so Mother Nature birthed one final effort to contain and control the horrid demons. Guardians of many forms that were strong and smart enough to save what little we had left: The Anima
    War Raged between the Humans and the Anima for generations and though the Humans proved themselves to be formidable opponents, fate blessed the Anima with Victory upon Victory with each passing battle.
    Soon the humans fled the land. What little survivors of their spieces exiled themselves to unknown parts of this world. And the Anima along with all other forms of life lived in peace with nature once more...
    Rumor has it that in recent years, the humans have grown again and are planning to force their visions onto this world once more...
    But if that day ever comes... I, Seraphina Arcwind will be ready to defend this world like the many great men who protected it before me.
    -- To be continued ---

    -- Introducing --
    Seraphina Arcwind!
    A half cat - half human hybrid and proud Anima driven by peace and justice. Born in a difficult time where rumors spread of humanity's return, Seraphina does all she can to help fellow Anima live in blissful harmony. Seraphina is a positive, optamistic girl who at times can be clumsy and a bit of an airhead. However like most Anima, Seraphina shares a common fear towards Humanity.
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    Humanity or Anima, huh? I'm not too sure what side to take. On one hand, humanity appears to have done nothing but cause destruction. At the same time, Anima responded with mass genocide...

    I'll guess I'll have to wait and see.
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