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    Gacha Life Content.

    Well...Let's Start Shall We.
    It's a backstory of My OC, And The other characters ( and Your Characters) And Here It Goes The Description For it.
    Note: the characters Can die by your action or By his personality and the story "butterfly effect".

    A long time Ago....
    There Was A Rich Family Known As Wilders In The US. Their Great Grandfather were A King Once, A king Who knows Honor And Justice, A True Warrior, Friend and Hero.
    The Victories He Achieved Were Glorious, But Will His Family be The Same and Achieve What He Achieved.
    A Question With No Answer. The Chance To Change Is Always There, Whether it's Bad or good There Will Always Be A chance.

    And Now They gone Richer Then Before, They made Connection With A "high status Friends" Certainly They Were politicians, Ministers, the black Market bosses, Organizations directors And The Central intelligence Agency "CIA".

    You're One Of The Family Friends, You are On noticed, Don't Disappoint Them Or You'll be on their Bad Side And You Don't Want To.
    You and stranger Who Knows What's Going on, Decided To take them Down together.

    Who They Are ? Soon You'll know.
    Ok Now, let's Give The Rules And A Creative Idea. (Original Idea).
    - Only OCs, No Someones Else Character, I Want Your own one.
    - If it's possible, Be More Detailed On The Character's Personality And Backstory; If You Don't Have one, At least The Reason, Or how He met Them or The Stranger.
    - Full name, Age Is Required At least Make It ??? For Both or UNKNOWN, Classified.
    - Picking A Side is Required. (The Sides Are Connected With The Roles).

    OI "Original IDea" Rules And Info:
    There Will be A Times I'll Post A Picture For You To Decide What Your Action Be,
    Like This:
    A- Kill him.
    B-Convince Him.
    C-Leave Him Somehow.
    D- Your Action like "my Character Will Fight Him Until He lose Then leaves him."

    The Rules are:
    -The Action Isn't Something Out of The situation. "Like I Will eat Chocolate And Watch."
    - No OP Actions.
    Here's What You'll need to Fill:

    Fullname. Required or ???, UNKNOWN
    Age. Required or ???, UNKNOWN
    Personality. REQUIRED
    Nickname. Optional
    Hobby. Optional
    Class Year: 1st-3th (For who's Less then 18, And The Story Will include A School)
    Appearance: Required "Screen Shot Your Character"

    Character's Information: Additional, Optional.
    (Anything You Want To Tell me About Him/her)

    Role: Required (But You can Make Your Own Role, The Roles Is Connected To The Sides make your role with a side)

    The Roles:
    The Guard. "Family side" (4 characters)

    A Rich friend of the Family. "Family side" ( 2 Characters)
    CIA Agent. "Family side" (2 characters)

    The Organization's Special Guard (Requires Code like: 702-D, 3-SD Etc... The Code is Under The Nickname) "Family side" (3 characters)

    Rebel Against The Family And The Organization. "The justice side" (5 characters)

    Assassin For The Org. "N/A" (one character has it own side Maybe he will pick the family or the justice)

    Black market's operations Director. "Family side" (2 characters)

    Black market's Smuggler. "N/A" (3 characters has it own side)

    Valkyrie. "Only One Character Can Take this Role." The Valkyrie Has Connections With The Military Bases. She/he Will be Harder To Take Down cuz She's/ He's Connected To The family. " family side"

    The Ha1Ck5R. "Justice side" (2 characters only)

    Silver Curse, was A double agent, And now he's Against the family. "Justice side" (one character)
    Or add your own role.
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    HERE I GO!

    Fullname: Tato G.G.(Goody Goody) Petrov
    Age: 16
    Personality: Tato has a pretty complex personality.. And it looks like many people in one person. There are times when he acts nice, times when he acts like a jerk, times when he is happy, or times when he is depressed. But his most common personality and his main one.. Is his funny side, where he may act normal but just say some random stuff that will make you laugh. And would also do some random stuff as well.
    Nickname: Harness
    Hobby: Stealing Money
    Class Year: 2nd Year
    Character's information: As a young boy, he grew up in a poor family. And little does he know, his parents were actually thieves.. And when he was 9, he parents told him they were and teaches him how to steal and get away with it. The G.G. Petrov family was infamously known as the family tree of thieves. And soon Tato became very good as a thief. It is unkown where his Complex personality came from. But his parents think it came from one of the Ancestors "Busho G.G. Petrov" who had two split personalities. And there was one time when he was caught by an angry alcoholic man. The man throwed acid at his eye and completely burnt it.. Luckily for Tato, the Man was sent to prison and Tato ran away back home. But that was the moment he will never forget and thinks that he should get better at being a thief.

    Role: Caravan "Own Side" He wants it all to end, but also just wants everything to get better for both sides. And yet, he doesn't know how to do it.

    (Is this good enough? ._.)
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    Beep, beep, beep
    X. X. X.
    That's not Clowns show, its American got talent. So deal with it.

    Nion rise his left hand And give him.....

    Thumbs up.
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