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    "Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you - I'm Luci."


    The new girl looked really edgy in my opinion. Like the cross of a dramatic demon queen and that one kid in every story that sits by the window in their classroom. That kind of edgy.

    Of course, that was just my opinion. Which is usually superior to other opinions, but you get the point.

    Her eyes fell onto mine, a red-orange wave of color. Kinda like mine, as I found out a long time ago after staring into a lake for hours on end.

    I could feel her shoulders hesitating, but then her lips finally cracked into a smile.

    "Should I show you around, then?" I dropped my hand and motioned toward the rest of the plaza -

    "Luci! You were supposed to be helping out in the library TWO hours ago. What are you doing??"

    Great. My idiot brother, Kyaro, has arrived.

    Well, technically he wasn't my brother. None of us knew whether or not we were related. He just has the same whitish hair as me, and he also is stupidly handsome - Tall and lean, muscular build, cute face, etc. But I'm cuter.

    He has a weird sense of style - "Steampunk", he called it. He always has goggles on his head, a weird brown/denim jacket, a red scarf, and orange working gloves. Kyaro also has a bunch of bags with all his engineering tools in them, at all times - a bit of a hassle, but he seems to like it.

    He is also annoyingly strict.

    "I'm showing the new kid around, what do you have against that?" I retorted, sticking out my tongue. I hated his punctuality, and honestly, I think having a 'schedule' does nothing for productivity.

    "The new kid showed up five minutes ago. You had to be in the library two h o u r s ago," He snapped back, twirling a wrench around his fingers. He always had some kind of new stick trick on his hands.

    "Yeah, so? It's been two hours, I think they'd be done by now."

    "No thanks to you, obviously," The wrench snapped back into his palm, and he put it into one of his many little bags, "I'll show the kid around. You go find something else to do."

    "NO way. I'm going with you," I couldn't let him steal my fame and glory! After all, I just met this kid, and it's been so long since I've done any greetings around here.

    Well, granted, the last person I guided was Miyako, and we all know how that turned out. Actually, not all of us, but again, you get the idea.

    I turned back to the newbie, her eyes going back and forth between the two of us - seems like she couldn't pick. How she couldn't immediately pick the fabulous and wonderful Luci, I had no idea.

    "So? Who's it gonna be?" Kyaro asked her, his hands on his hips - a move he learned from me, by the way - "Since apparently it's your choice now."

    She looked tense - I could physically feel it. Eyebrows furrowed, eyes narrowed, she put her hands up to point at...

    Both of us.

    "Well, at least I'm going too~!" I cheered, "But I'm doing the talking. You do the walking, Kyaro."

    He gave a defeated sigh - A sound I love hearing, not gonna lie - and turned around, "Okay. Okay fine."

    "Mhm, that's what I thought. Let's go, kiddo."

    the beginning: a prologue
    last chapter: an entry
    next chapter: ???
    gah, whenever i think about kyaro and luci, i think of them as like sibs that hate but love each other

    like i know in this chapter they didn't seem to like each other all that much but it totally reminded me of my own relationship with my sister !

    and also reminds me of this song lol :
    'team' by noah cyrus and max, it's rlly good imo


    like i said in the last chapter, i hope that you all still enjoy this type of thing. i know there aren't any pretty edited visuals to look at, but please do stick around, cause less visuals mean faster releases !! it gets cool, i promise. well at least i hope it does. our definitions of cool may be different-


    thanks for reading, and stay tuned !!

    ~ rin < 3
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