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    long ago... in between all the worlds...

    there was nothing.


    you might think, "well. that's boring."

    yeah. everyone else thought that too.

    everyone else?

    who was everyone else?

    well, then...


    everyone else dropped in, I guess.

    they were all deep asleep. minds paused, body still, nothing moving.

    then there was one. a newborn. a goddess.

    upp.png sit.png

    she was awake. her mind active, her eyes seeing, her ears hearing,

    but her body was still asleep.

    the voices of her family,

    her friends,

    she could hear it all, and she couldn't say a thing.

    it was really cold, this place, this limbo.

    and she had an idea.
    she brought everyone together...

    and changed the limbo into a home, a moment, a thought.

    she watched from above as a spectre, as the deep-sleeping souls moved about.

    she watched as they took in their environment, creating a temporary comfort in a time of noiselessness.

    she watched,

    as one of them heard a voice.
    a voice of the overworld, that no one else heard.

    the voice of their family, their loved ones.

    and then they looked right at her. awake.

    confused, she descended down - only the awakened one noticed.

    they looked up with tears in their eyes, which fell into their hands clasped around the goddess' fingers.

    and vanished.
    she knew exactly what to do with those tears.


    she made a wishing well.

    something to help them find the right voice.

    she would never be able to experience the blessing of returning her mind to her body,

    but the best she could do is to provide that chance to the worthy.
    next chapter: an entry

    oh god i hope this was worth it-

    hey, thanks for reading if you made it down here !! this took a little bit but was very interesting to write, lol.

    PLEASE let me know if ny'all want more. this is just the beginning. literally. it's the prologue.

    thanks again for reading through this! stay tuned < 3

    ~ rin < 3
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    Congratulations. You got me interested, and that's a rare thing in this forum.

    And yes, definitely, I hope that you continue this and make more.
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    Hey! Sorry for being offline, but I LOVE this series so far! You inspire me to make a series for myself! This is really cool and I like these kinds of stories. Keep up the rest work! I’ll read the entry or whatever tomorrow.

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