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    Hello everyone:) CedricM talking

    I was eager to get back with this fanfic saga that made me start having a great passion for creating a cool story, but due to my college, I ended up leaving that fanfic aside. So decide to restart this story by putting more details and try to improve this story. I think it will be difficult to read, so I will try to ease the story, so you can read and enjoy this story ;)

    I'm thinking of putting this story together with the fanfic "The wind of my life", releasing new parts of each of these fanfics every two weeks. However, I will still check my time :facepat:

    Left my message of interaction ...

    <3 Good reading <3
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    After the events of Gacha World, where the first summoner and Ellie defeated the Lord of Corruption, the threat of Corruption energy became a major concern for the Gachas. To prevent a major threat from happening again, Luni decided to give all living creatures of all worlds the opportunity to become summoners, so that summoners and Gachas would fight against any threat to these worlds ...

    And after many years after the Gacha World events, only one mission was created so that these summoners can fulfill: Prevent any threat from destroying the equilibrium of the universes.

    This story takes place in the futuristic Neon City, many years after the Gacha World events, observing the life of Cyro Hannigan, a 17 year old who lives in this world and tries to live a "normal life", but due to some inconvenient events and abnormal circumstances, he will have to go through the challenge of living in such a world.

    So ... Lets Go!
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    Chapter 1 - The world where I live...

    (06:00 am, April 2, xxxx)

    Heavy rain sweeps through the blue city of Yusaka ... Rainy black clouds with some neon blue lights reflected from the large commercial buildings in a central part of the city. However, the focus is on a region far from those buildings, in a housing area ...

    Inside a two-storey house, a young man holding an umbrella starts walking toward a door to leave the house until he is called by a woman sitting on a couch next to him.

    "Don't invent to change your way to not go to class!" The woman shouts as if it were a threat to the young man.

    "Can it be any place where have books and people wanting to study?" The young man asked, making a gaudy expression.

    "Look, you have two options: Either you go to school or go to school. And don't deviate from those options." The woman said, pointing a piece of wood toward the young man.

    "No right choice, is it?" Realizing the threat, the young man makes a convinced expression and ends up shaking his head, agreeing to this implied threat.

    "Great. And if it does, come later today. A couple of my friends will come here later and I don't want any of them teasing you, wanting to take a peel off of you." The woman speaks with a serious and ironic tone as the young man makes a face of mourning that is not visible to the woman.

    "Ok... I'll try not to arrive early today." The young man nods in ignorance.

    "Okay ..." The woman speaks in a calm tone and complete with ...

    "Have a good day at school, Cyro."

    *closing door noise

    The young man leans against the door with his back and give a gasping breath.

    "Come on..."

    Cyro Hannigan ... 17 years, 1.80 cm in height, brown hair, brown eyes, white skin, physical body shaped ... In short, a normal boy ...

    After opening his umbrella, Cyro begins to walk down a quiet and empty street until he arrives at a busy intersection of streets, with adults going to their jobs and young people to their schools.

    After crossing the intersection, Cyro begins to notice some students from the same school he goes to. He begins to walk between them and covertly, begins to observe each of these students.

    "They don't look very new but I've never seen any of them last year. They must be newbies ..." With an expression of serious disguise, Cyro thinks about these students.

    Before Cyro thinks of something else, someone approaches him slowly, until ...

    "Good morning, darling!"

    A young boy appears behind Cyro, jumping on his back, leaning on his shoulders, startling some of the nearby students, and turning Cyro's face into an expression of discomfort.

    "No exaggerated physical contact, please, Hyoudo." Cyro speaks in a serious tone, which makes Hyoudo slightly startled and let go of Cyro's shoulders.

    "Darn pleasure ..." Hyoudo speaks softly, with a sulky face.

    Hyoudo Sakai ... 17 years old, 1.81 cm tall, brown hair, light brown eyes, white skin, fit physical body ... A charismatic handsome boy ...

    After releasing, Hyoudo begins to walk next to Cyro, with a happy expression.

    "So ... how was your vacation?" Hyoudo asks Cyro, in a calm mood.


    "As good as a rich man losing his fortune." Cyro says with a wry tone.

    "Let me see if I get it ... It sucks once more, huh?" With a sarcastic look, Hyoudo asks, watching Cyro.

    "If one day my vacation is good, it will only happen in another life." Cyro replies with a sarcastic tone, making Hyoudo laugh slightly.

    "Stop with that pessimism. This way, any girl will not want to confess to you." Hyoudo speaks with an ironic tone, making Cyro look at some students who are looking, suspicious.

    "It's very likely they will not confess if you get close to me that way." Cyro replies with a wry tone.

    "Well, you know that you can react against my power to approach close to you." Hyoudo begins to make some funny possessions with a cheerful expression.

    "If I react, it's going to be punch you in the face. And I don't want to have to do it even though I like that idea." Cyro looks at Hyoudo with a happy, threatened look, making Hyoudo stunned by Cyro's comment.

    "Sometimes, I wonder why you like to be malicious in your comments." Hyoudo thinks with lamentation.

    "You're lucky, at least. I wouldn't hurt my best friend." Cyro smiles lightly, leaving Hyoudo flushed.

    "Oh my heart! Repeat this one more time and I fall in love with you." Hyoudo makes some funny poses, with a sarcastic expression, looking disguised at Cyro.

    "Quiet. Nor did we get to school and you're already more excited than usual." Cyro speaks in a calm tone.

    "Is expected. We are from the 3rd year of high school! Our last year at school has to be the best of them all!" Hyoudo speaks with an excited tone, while Cyro only watches with a dead stare.

    "Well, for me, it does ..." Cyro responds in a calm tone, which makes Hyoudo sulk.

    "Hey? Cheer up, Cyro! I bet something new will happen to you. I sense it." Hyoudo says cheerfully as he rests firmly on Cyro's shoulder.

    "The only thing I know is that I'm going to be called bad guy if I punch you if you get to close to me like that." Cyro speaks in a menacing tone, making Hyoudo smile.

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    While the two are having a dialogue of best friends, all students, including Cyro and Hyoudo, begin to walk down a section of the street where can see a large part of the city of Yusaka from a high view. Realizing this, Hyoudo begins to look at the buildings.

    "If it was not raining and if it was sunny, I could take a nice picture of the city." Hyoudo speaks with a glint in his eyes.

    "I think I agree with you." Cyro replies as he looks at the city.

    "Did you know that Yusaka is the most peaceful city in the whole of the blue region?" Hyoudo raises his left index finger upward, speaking curiously.

    Cyro looks briefly at Hyoudo after this comment ...

    "You could be right. If it was not..."


    A big explosion noise takes place, a few meters down the street where the Cyro, Hyoudo and the students are.

    "What was that noise?" A student asks, startled.

    Some students who were near Cyro and Hyoudo perceive the noise and go towards the protected edge of the street to see what caused that noise, and ...


    A being covered in a black haze, a size slightly larger than a normal adult, bear-like body with two giant hands, destroys some cars that were parked, kneading them with their hands being thrown over the cars .

    "Is that a Corrupted?!" A student is frightened to see the being.

    "For sure. No one would have the strength to do it." Another student speaks.

    Hyoudo approaches the edge of the street, takes his cell phone from his bag and begins to record the Corrupted attacking some cars and screaming fiercely.

    "Gee, I've never seen one corrupted from that level. Is he an artificial?" Hyoudo wonders with a dazed expression.

    Meanwhile, the Corrupted continues to attack some cars, until he sees a couple coming out of one of the houses next to him. The Corrupted sighted and begins to run towards against a couple, who begin to run away from him, very afraid.

    Before being Corrupted attack ...

    * BAMMMM!

    "Look!" One of the students points to something.

    A person in a blue outfit and blue helmet holding a laser shield is defending the couple while another person in the same outfit appears and punches the face of being corrupted with a power baton, causing the Corrupted being to retreat to behind.

    "Central, we locate a middle-level Corrupted in the east region of Yusaka. Requesting reinforcements, immediately."

    "It's the blue guard!" Some students shout, excited at the appearance of those attired people.

    "And a miracle happens! Two members of the blue guard appeared to defeat the Corrupted. The markings on the costumes, they must be of a containment unit, the most fearless and courageous soldiers of the blue region." Hyoudo speaks as if narrating the scene, still recording on the phone with a lot of excitement.

    The Corrupted attack the soldiers, but the two soldiers defend and counter attack the Corrupted, as they try to make the stay be corrupted in the same place, so it does not run away.

    With many glares at this confrontation, Cyro only observes Corrupted with enough attention. Every stroke and every movement of the Corrupted seem to be patterns, as if he had no sense or intelligence to use against the soldiers.

    After this realization, Cyro's cell phone starts ringing. He takes the cell phone from his bag and realizes it's an unknown number, but he already knows who he is. After giving a slight smile, he answers the phone.

    "Tell me you're close to the Corrupted." A female voice speaks on the cell phone, with a crash of a very powerful motorcycle in the background.

    "Is it okay if I say I'm looking at him?" Cyro replies, his tone calm and serious.

    "Can be. What's his style?" The female voice asks.

    "He has the height of an adult, very thick body, giant hands and strong but slow attacks. It does not seem to have a fighting style, so it must be a common Corrupted." Cyro briefly explains to the woman on the phone.

    "I understand. I had received a call from the Central telling me that the threat was big, but apparently I don't think I will even be shaken by that opponent." The female voice speaks in a whining tone as the noise of the motorcycle begins to approach where the corrupted it is.

    "Well, I hope you can be entertained." Cyro responds in a slightly cheerful tone.

    "Fine. Thanks for the help, Cyro." The female voice speaks in an agitated tone, as the noise grows louder.

    "You're welcome..."

    And with that thanks, Cyro shuts down the cell phone and starts walking down the street to go to school, without catching the attention of any of the nearby students.

    Meanwhile, the blue guard soldiers seem tired with the blows of the Corrupted.

    "Damn it! When will these reinforcements arrive?" One of the soldiers grunts at the other as they turn away from the attacks of the Corrupted.

    "Don't worry about it. We have to hold until ... "

    Before saying anything, one of the soldiers who was speaking ends up being hit and being thrown against a wall of one of the buildings around, breaking a part of his suit.

    "Damn it!"

    The other soldier tries to attack the Corrupted with an energy baton, but when it hits the Corrupted, the energy baton ends up being stopped by one of the hands of the Corrupted and ends up being thrown back.

    "My God! The corrupt is taking advantage of the soldiers!" Hyoudo ends up astonished in his narration, while the students are also surprised and apprehensive.

    "What now?" A student speaks in fear.

    The Corrupted looks up and can see the students, and prepares to take a leap to get where the students are.

    "Everyone, run!" Hyoudo yells out loud for the students to leave the edge, but before the Corrupted jumps ...

    * BAAAM!

    One of the cars crumpled by the Corrupted is thrown at his face, causing him to be pushed aside and a little disoriented.

    "What was that?" One of the students asks, as he keeps an expression of surprise.

    Upon regaining consciousness, the Corrupted perceives a woman wearing a blue outfit quite different from the soldiers he faced. The woman, with an imposing voice speaks ...

    "Why don't you face someone your size, scourge?"

    "Aaaaeeeeee!" Students begin to celebrate with the arrival of that woman who is nothing more than ...

    Dressed in a blue dress up to the size of her waist, a blue skirt of short size for more movement between her legs, a police hat on her head ... A beautiful adult woman with long blue hair, 1.78 cm of height , physical form body, dark blue eyes, white skin ... There was the guardian of the blue region.

    "It's Breaker Blaire!" The students shout excitedly.

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    Blaire watches the two soldiers rising from their injuries and giving a confident smile.

    "You two, thank you for waiting and protecting these civilians. Now leave it to me."Blaire speaks in a calm, confident tone to the soldiers, making them both get support and pride from their actions.


    The corrupt being begins to scream in fury, creating a strong wind current in Blaire's direction, but with a serious expression, only Blaire's hair moved with the flow of the current.

    "Okay ..." Blaire sighs and begins to make a gesture with both hands, as if to wield something.

    Blaire closes his eyes as a blue aura begins to slip from his hands. And in a second ...

    Ready for action... Break mode... ENABLED!


    After saying these words, two police batons appear in each of Blaire's hands, and after that, Blaire positions himself with a stance of attack, prepared to face the Corrupted, which begins to resonate with the aura coming out of Blaire.

    Students begin to shout excitedly, witnessing this epic moment from Blaire.

    With a serious and confident expression ...


    Blaire runs towards the Corrupted and the Corrupted prepares to hit Blaire with a blow from his giant hands together from top to bottom.

    When Blaire comes close to the Corrupted, he tries to hit Blaire, but Blaire manages to deflect to the left.

    The Corrupted uses the weight of his giant hands and uses them to throw them in Blaire's direction, but Blaire jumps over the giant hands and hits the Corrupted's face with one of her police batons , causing him to take a step back.

    Blaire jumps back as the Corrupted quickly recovers and advances against Blaire, ready to punch her with the giant right hand, and when he gets close to her, the Corrupted tries to hit her, but Blaire ends up straying underneath his hand and punching the elbows of the Corrupted upwards, breaking the arm of the Corrupted.

    The corrupted being starts to scream in a rage.

    "I thought it would give me a warm-up for another day's work, but not even to make me excited that being could. I think I'd better get it over with."Blaire thought about it as he looked at the corrupted being with lamentation.


    The Corrupted steps forward again against Blaire, even with a broken arm, and tries to hit her with the giant left hand, but Blaire simply holds the hand of the Corrupted with her right hand and strikes back with your police baton with the left hand with force, which makes the Corrupted much back.

    "Let's get this over with..." Blaire says in a serious tone.

    A blue aura begins to leave Blaire's body, and she positions herself to attack the Corrupted. After the Corrupted stands still, some blue lines begin to appear in Blaire's right hand and immediately runs with full speed against the Corrupted.

    The Corruptede tries to hit Blaire with his giant left hand, but Blaire is faster and appears in front of the Corrupted, ready to attack. And with a swift movement with his right baton, Blaire looks into the chest of the Corrupted, creating a blue energy layer across his right arm and then ...


    Blaire ends up hitting the corrupted's chest with her left baton, causing a big impact accompanied by a blue mini blast where she hit, causing the Corrupted be thrown against a concrete wall, creating a huge hole, and after that, the mist black that covered the Corrupted ends up dissipating, revealing an adult man with many injuries through his body.


    The students and some residents nearby who watched Blaire began to clap and scream wildly by her name, with much happiness and relief. Other soldiers begin to appear, isolating the area and removing the adult man from the debris of the wall, to place him in an ambulance.

    "And so begins one day in the city of Yusaka, in the blue region. Breaker Blaire, the Gacha native of the blue region, facing a Corrupted, to protect two wounded soldiers and some students who were watching this combat." Hyoudo continues to narrate as he begins to turn off the recording.

    Blaire looks in the direction of the students, makes a smile and raises his hand, waving at them, making the students go crazy, like a fan near his idol.

    * Plim!

    "Cyro, how about I sell you this picture of Blaire smi ... Hmm?"

    Before Hyoudo finishes his question, he realizes that Cyro is no longer there near him.

    Far away, near the school gate, Cyro walks with a dead look on his face. The porter finally realizes this and calls Cyro.

    "Young man, can you tell me if you've seen some students passing by the way you came?" Doubtlessly, the porter asks
    Cyro, who simply agrees.

    "Yes. It was that there was an attack of a Corrupted near that path and some students stopped to see." Cyro responds, pointing to the street from where he came.

    "And have solved this case?" The porter asks with concern in his words.

    "Yes, the blue guard and Breaker Blaire did." Cyro says, in a slightly confident tone.

    "Ah, of course! The blue guard always solves these problems involving these Corrupteds. But if it was something for Breaker Blaire to have turned up, then it must have been serious, right?" The porter speaks with enthusiasm as Cyro lightly smiles.

    "Yes. As a native Gacha, this should be her most important mission: Defend the citizens of the blue region." Cyro replies, with a little discomfort.

    "Well, Gachas's like that!" The porter speaks with enthusiasm.

    "Well, the students must be arriving, so don't worry about their sch
    edule." Cyro speaks calmly and ends up saying goodbye to the doorman, who nods.

    After this, Cyro begins to walk through the school entrance, observing the path that he walks ...

    (Cyro's perspective)

    What Hyoudo said about the city of Yusaka be a pacific city would not be a lie if it were not for a detail ... this world is not normal ...

    This world coexists with the existence of people with special abilities called Summoners and fantastic beings with special abilities called Gachas. Together, they have a mission to protect this world from any threat that exists ... That's what they say.

    But I wonder if it's worth it ... Beings of this sort tend to become symbols of hope for normal people. It is convenient to think so, but people are too accustomed to it ... To leave your life in the hands of beings like this is very risky, but it is common for you to be at the border of beings with powers.

    "So... "


    *sitting on the floor, watching someone dressed in an open hoddie, holding two laser blades.



    "I think I should have missed the opening ceremony today ..."

    Cyro ends up walking with a more calm and serious look inside the school, while a girl who is holding an umbrella watches him from the terrace of the building's school ...

    "Things will get interesting here ..."


    End of Chapter 1
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    CedricM talking here :)

    Before we begin, let me explain some changes after I post this second chapter...

    First, instead of being a 3rd person narrative, the story will have a greater presence of narrative in 1st person, with some moments of my narrative speaking to explain some moments, so this was the biggest change that will have in history .

    Second, from now on, the chapters will be longer and have a more complicated writing, so I suggest you take it easy on reading.

    Third, I ended up getting excited at the time I was writing and I finally realized that there will be times when some people who read this chapter may feel a little bad, which justifies the delay in the delivery of this chapter, so take into consideration ... That it's just a story.

    Anyway ... Have fun on reading <3 :)
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    Chapter 2 - The contrast and similarity between us.

    I don't believe the things just got to that point. Here we are. In front of a student who eventually became a Corrupted and turned him into a being covered in a black liquid, staring at me and Mallory, who was injured after trying to confront this Corrupted by herself. I didn't want to go that way again, but I had to admit that getting away from this life to try to be normal would be impossible ...

    (4 days ago)

    (April 2, 06:30 in the morning)

    After I got to the school building, I decided to go to my classroom on the 3rd floor of the school. As much as I wanted to come along with Hyoudo, I couldn't stand there and see Blaire facing that Corrupted. If I stayed a few more seconds, the "other" would be :duck: me off to go help her. But glad he understood that I was uncomfortable with that situation and did not keep screaming in my mind.

    When I arrived on the third floor of the school, I approached a bulletin board, where there were some papers nailed, showing the names of the students and where our respective classes are. Apparently, I was in class 3-B, with most of the people I studied with last year. Looking more closely at the names, I realized that Hyoudo's name was not in the same class as mine. It seems that the reclamations because of him have finally been seen. I never bothered with his very energetic way, but there is a moment that he extrapolated. That's what friends end up with.

    I started walking toward my classroom and began to notice some students coming through the main gate of the school. It must be the students who stopped to see Blaire fighting. I think Hyoudo was still there to get the students' testimonials. It may not seem like it, but Hyoudo is part of the school's journalism club, and he is responsible for interviewing students about some of the school's things, and from time to time, about those out-of-school events.

    "I arrived..."

    Class 3-B ... When I opened the classroom door, I saw a blonde girl sitting on the last chair in the left corner of the room by the window, watching the rain fall. I just stared for a minute and ...

    "She must be transferred of other school." I thought to myself.

    I had never seen this girl in school last year. I just think it's strange if someone moves from one school to another in the senior year of high school, but what am I to criticize someone's choices?

    I sighed and started walking toward the row of chairs in the middle of the room and sat down on the last chair in that row. I put my bag on my chair and sat down. As I moved the chair to sit down, the girl heard the noise and turned toward me. And with a smile ...

    "Good morning, colleague."

    I just stared for a few seconds and ...

    "Good morning to you too, colleague."

    Yes, I'm not very social with people. It's not because I hate people or anything. I just don't want them to get involved with me and find out more about who I am. But I think this year I can act differently... Maybe...

    "You came from another school?" I asked with a slight smile.

    I don't know why, but she was amazed at my question, as if she did not wait for that question.

    "Yes. I came from a yellow region's school." She replied quietly.

    Yellow region? Why would anyone from there come to the blue region?

    "Cool. I hope you feel comfortable in this school." I said with a concluding tone, not to extend this attempt to talk.

    "Thank you ..." She replied, looking doubtful, perhaps because she didn't know my name.

    "It's Cyro. Cyro Hannigan." I held out my hand to her.

    "Nice to meet you Cyro. My name is Mallory, Mallory Shinozaki." She also held out her hand and greeted us.

    I could just say that it would be my attempt to get a friend, but when I touched her hand ... I felt a great pressure of energy in my hand. I was calm because if I made any suspicious movement or expression, she would find it strange and would know the reason for my strangeness.

    "She's an summoner."

    That's what I thought. How does someone like her let energy drop so freely? After that, she and I let go of our hands.

    "What time does the class start?" She asked doubtfully on his face.

    "Normally, it starts at 8:00 in the morning, but since today is the first day, the new principal sends out notices that it would start at 7:00 AM so that classes were closed earlier in the day for students to have more time to choose their clubs." I'm not the most sociable guy, but I'm pretty well informed.

    "So I didn't arrive early for nothing~." She replied in a humorous tone.

    When she answered, she received a message on her cell phone that was on top of her wallet. She glanced quickly at the cell phone.

    "Well, when you want to ask something, just call me that I clarify." I spoke in a forced tone and she smiled calmly.

    "Thank you, Cyro." She answered as she took her cell phone.

    I decided to sit in my chair and take things out of my purse while Mallory fingered my cell phone. After a few seconds, some students started joining the class in groups of friends. From that moment, I grabbed a book from my bag, and read quietly as more students arrived in class.

    (25 minutes later)

    It's only another 5 minutes before classes start. The class has many students who have known each other since last year, including some with whom I studied last year. I think that counting on Mallory, there are four other new students. And that did not stop some students from starting to talk to them.

    I looked at Mallory and she seems to be watching the students talking, as if she was nervous and apprehensive to also talk to someone. That's how I felt when I started studying in this school in the 1st year of high school. I was going to get up when ...

    Don't you think you're rushing in on her?"

    Of course he was going to say something like that. The
    "other" who walks with me all the time. He is not present physically, but mentally, always watching over my actions. Not that I think it's bad, since it was he who made me change my attitude since I "abandoned" my most "heroic" side, so to speak.

    "I don't want to get close to her because she's an summoner. Just get more friend, how you've filled me up since last year."

    I mentally spoke to the "other".

    "But be careful about this. You have noticed how the summoners act when they find another summoner." The "other" speaks to me mentally.

    "Thank you for reminding me of that." I thanked him mentally as I heard a sarcastic laugh in my mind. Yeah, be grateful too is not my way.

    After sighing, the teacher came in on classroom, giving good morning to the students, while the students did the same and sitting in their chairs. Upon presenting him, the teacher eventually asked the new students to introduce themselves.

    Everyone came forward, with the exception of Mallory, until she got up, went to the front of the classroom and introduced herself ...

    "Hello, my name is Mallory Shinozaki. Nice to meet you and I hope we get along well this year~."

    Everyone started to applaud her, but the teacher looked oddly at Mallory, and she looked with a different look at her friendly way. The teacher eventually looked back at the students with his normal expression and Mallory walked toward her chair.

    "That's weird..."

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    (08:00 in the morning)

    As the first day is just a presentation, the teacher freed the students in the class to choose their clubs on the school. Some students have not left the classroom because they have already had their clubs set up since last year, and others have decided to go out for a walk in the school. As antisocial, I'm already a member of the athletic club. The club president said that the club's meeting would begin tomorrow, so I have free time until the gates open to leave.

    Hyoudo must be abusing his beauty to call girls to the journalism club, so I think it's best not to disturb him, since he tends to be a little more behaving with girls around him. I think I'm going outside.

    I got up from my chair and left the room. When I left, I decided to lean against the edge of the corridor's window and watch the rain fall. Days like this are good, but it could have started earlier to stop me from coming to class today ...


    I feel someone pulling on my shirt and I turn around to realize it's Mallory.

    "What can I do for you, Mallory?" I asked calmly.

    "Is it okay if I stay here by your side?" She already asked as she was already leaning against the edge of the window on my left side.

    "It's all right." I answered and turned my gaze to the rain.

    After I've felt her energy, I don't t know if I feel good
    about having her close to me or whether I feel safe if she decides to ask a question about Summoners and Gachas.

    "That's good, is not it?" She asked, staring at the rain.

    "I agree." I answered normally.

    "You know ... The rain when it's violent looks like I'm inside."

    I feel an unnecessary philosophy coming, but since I don't want to be rude, I decided to ask the obvious ...

    "Why do you say that?" I turned my gaze to Mallory to hear her answer.

    "When it starts, it's as if we're looking for what we like. When it starts to thicken, it means we're making it happen, and when it's over, it means we've got what we want."

    Even though it was a very convincing thought, it seemed to me that it was something she was prepared to say. Those words echoed in my mind and I realized that both me and her are like this violent rain falling.

    "And how do you want this rain to end?" I asked myself based on her logic, but ...

    "Mallory, I need to talk to you."

    Me and Mallory turned around and we noticed that the teacher called her to ask about something important. I just stepped out of my seat and headed for the stairs, and she stayed there. Like I said ... I don't want people to get involved with me. And to be honest, regardless of her response, I'd figure out how to get away anyway.

    I looked back and saw Mallory with a serious face, as if what the teacher said to her was something so important that that calm expression she had made when she told me about the analogy of the rain had disappeared. And after that day, I didn't talk to her anymore ...

    That same day Hyoudo called me on the phone saying that we could not find ourselves on the same path we took to school because he would have to give priority to that first week of school to the freshmen who entered the journalism club. So it seems like I've gone back to my old antisocial life.

    And so the days passed ... Boring as always ...

    (April 6, XXXX, 12:30, School terrace)

    Finally the sun came up. These days were heavy rain, with few pauses of that rain during those days. I never imagined that I would see the sky being illuminated by the sun in such a graceful way.

    "And how do you want this rain to end?"

    I remembered that conversation I had with Mallory about the heavy rain being her desires trying to reach her. Just being silly, I wanted to tell her that this rain was over, just to see her reaction. But after four days without talking to her, saying such a thing would be rather unpleasant.

    From what I noticed, she quickly cavorted with the class staff. I've never seen anyone so popular in school in such a short time. Of course, a young woman with golden hair, green-eyed, white-skinned, intelligent, and endowed with a charismatic personality would draw a lot of attention from all school. Even the Hyoudo was :duck: me off, saying I was lucky to have Mallory as my classmate.

    When I realized, I heard the door to the terrace open and a blond-haired figure came up ... It was logical that it would be Mallory. Behind her were three other girls with her, each with her lucnhs. I did not pay much attention and decided to look back. As I'm anchored in the roof guard bar, I can see a large part of the city.

    "Look, it's Cyro Hannigan."

    I heard one of the girls accompanying Mallory say my name. I already know what she's going to say ...

    "Do you know him?" I heard Mallory ask quietly.

    "Well, he's Marine's younger brother. The veterans mess him up because Cyro's too "close", and he's a very strange boy."

    "Even though he is a member of the athletic club, the other members say that he is only there to pass the time and only decides to participate in the club's activities when it obrigatory suits him."

    So even I have a fame in that college ... That's how people are. The fact that I act in this more closed way makes people think that I am someone without direction, without expression or even, without a life. They judge without knowing and still want to have someone to humiliate or speak evil to feel good about their mediocre lives. If they knew half of what my sister and I were going through, they would act like good people in solidarity just for convenience ... That's one reason I do not want to get involved with people.

    I turned quickly to get these girls off the terrace and leave me alone. When they saw that I was looking at them, the girls decided to leave and went to the terrace door in a hurry. I think I got what I wanted ... a little peace alone ...

    "Don't mind them. I did not like the way they talked about you."

    When I realized, Mallory was walking toward me after saying those words. I just stared at her with a neutral face.

    "I don't mind that. I've heard it a lot since I joined this school." I answered in all sincerity that still resides in me.

    "Well, why do not you do something to change your image?" Mallory asked in such a simple way that I did not even notice she was already on my side, leaning against the protection bar on the terrace.

    I've already thought about doing it, but if I do, the
    "other" will be making lots of hints for me to release him, and the last thing I want she to know is that I'm a ... Leave it alone, Cyro .. .

    "Well, even if I change, it will not change my image overnight. They already know me for being that way." I replied with a bit of lamentation.

    "Well, you looked really cool when you greeted me on Monday." Yeah, she remembers it.

    "Well, it's normal to be educated with people we do not know, Mallory." I answered with a little discomfort in my words.

    "You're right, but you could be like this with everyone." I even understand that my disagreement with people is something I can say is my fault, but I think it does not seem simple to do.

    "Don't you think that would be a lot of mistrust to people?" Well, in this world, people have got a thing in their head that any spatum help is a sign that they want something in return, unfortunately.

    "Well, it doesn't hurt to try, Cyro."

    She speaks as if it were something easy. And in reality ... It's easy. But I have the habit of thinking hard before doing something that can change my life, even though it is something that is done slowly.

    "You must be right." I answered, accompanied by a sigh.

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    "But of course I'm right!"

    What? Did I hear Mallory speak in a proud way? And she still covered her mouth, as if she had said something she should not. I decided to only understand that it was something of excitement, since a "normal" person will want to be exalted by a compliment, if we are going to say it was a compliment to say that she is right.

    "But anyway ... What does someone like you do at this school?" I asked doubtfully, since no one in the yellow city would want to trade their hierarchical advantages to come to the blue region.

    "Are you interested in getting close to me, Cyro~?" She spoke with a sarcastic tone. Thankfully I already suspected she was not as convenient as other people.

    "If I say I was when I met you, would that sound weird?" Since she's acting like this, I'm going to go the way.

    "Yes, but I would not mind. Besides, it's hard to find anyone in this school who is just like me." She looked up and turned her face towards me with a smile.

    "What do you mean, like you?" Related searches.

    "That has a different way of living and throughts than other people, just like you."

    I don't know if I'm dubious or happy to hear it, but I feel I should be alert with what she meant "just like me".

    "Cyro, could you help me with one thing?" She asked so naturally, I did not even consider that I was a closed person.

    "Explain that helps me think about the case." Sincerity and distrust still define me.

    "Do you know any student who is a summoner?"

    I was silent for a few seconds. I already knew that she was an summoner since she entered this school, but for her to make it clear to me that way, it can only mean that she trusts even a little of me, but still ...

    "Well ..." Before I answered ...


    Mallory and I heard a great noise coming from inside the main building of the school, and many students shouting afterwards. As we turned our gaze down the building, we saw a student with a kind of black liquid covering his body as he screamed in pain, but after a few seconds ...


    The young man's body was already covered with that black liquid, creating an enormous crust on the student's body, increasing his size and creating two tentacles on his back. His appearance was still a big human, but his face was half normal and half looked like a broken mask. And she was still shouting out a girl's name.

    Me and Mallory, even astonished by that monster's appearance of that student, we knew what it was about and we did not make any exaggerated expression ...

    There are many ways a person becomes a Corrupted. One is negative feelings so extreme that they take over the victim's mind and body eventually. Whatever happened, that monstrous body is a random form that a person's body can transform.

    I know I should do something, since the
    "other" is resonating inside my mind, as if I wanted to face that Corrupted, and it's making me agitated inside.

    "Mallory ..." I tried to call Mallory, but in a flash, she was staring at the Corrupted.

    After 3 seconds she gave a very pleasant smile, as if she was excited. And she turned to me ...

    "Want to see something epic?"

    I hate to admit it, but I'd like to know which Gacha she's going to use, but ...

    Out of nowhere, a small golden portal appears behind Mallory, and a scabbard ends up outside the portal. Mallory grabs the scabbard with both hands and pulls a huge sword from inside the portal. The sword had a broad hem with a sun symbol in the middle, and the blade was long and slightly wide, releasing a pressure of energy around the entire sword.

    "Why are not you surprised?" Mallory asked in a tone of doubt.

    "There's a Corrupted down there. The last thing I'm going to care about is that a classmate is an summoner." I replied as I pointed to the Corrupted who was still squirming.

    "So you're nervous for what happen with me, right?" She asked sarcastically as she walked backward.

    "No. I just want to see what you're capable of, summoner." I only said with a defiant tone, as she stopped walking far behind.

    "So just watch."

    After saying this, Mallory put his sword down and started to run as fast as she could toward the roof guard bar direction.

    And with a leap, she spins in the air and hurls her sword in the Corrupted's direction with such force that it creates a strong pressure of air where she and I were. The sword was hurled with immense force as it swooped in the direction of the Corrupted, creating a great impact on the ground, causing a curtain of sand to rise.

    I was impressed by Mallory's strength. Most Summoners who are her age end up having a force relative to her body, but since Mallory has a body even fuller than a normal girl, her strength must be high enough to make that sword throw with that velocity.

    As I turned to the side, I saw Mallory jumping up from the rooftop bar, his legs having some yellow lines gleaming ...


    When I held onto the bar to see Mallory falling, I saw her landing on the floor with her legs flexed, causing the dust to dissipate and her sword popping into the dust, buried in the ground. Then Mallory stands up, steps forward and pulls her sword off the ground.

    The Corrupted appears totally complete, giving a cry that dissipated still more the dust. I still cannot believe I'm seeing this. Even the students I can see by the hands hanging on the edges of the windows of the school's main building seeing Mallory must also be surprised by what they see.

    (Narrator in 3rd person)

    As Cyro and the other students at the school watched Mallory, she was staring at the Corrupted with a smile of pleasure as she held her sword in both her hands. And after sighing, Mallory speaks to herself ...

    "Time to show that your workout was worth it, Mallory!"

    End of Chapter 2
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    Hewwo :3 <3


    After a long time ... Finally, another new chapter of D.T. Dimension Neon! There are many reasons why it took so long to launch anything else, either from Fanfics or even the drawings, but I'll talk about it in another post.

    But anyway ... Here's Chapter 3 (In some minutes until I format the Chapter completely hehe). Since it's been a long time since there's been a new chapter since the story stopped, there will be a brief summary of what has happened so far.


    Many years after the events of Gacha World, Luni decided that Gachas and humans should work together to prevent new threats like Corruption or larger threats from destroying Luniverse. That's why Luni made humans gain the ability to become Summoners capable of summoning the Gachas and working together.
    Cyro Hannigan is a 17 year old who tries to live a normal life where this interaction between Gachas and humans has become something normal. And even going back to school after a school break is still around him.
    Upon returning to school, Cyro meets Mallory Shinozaki, a new classmate who is very charismatic, but Cyro keeps her distance from her by realizing that she is a Summoner. And it doesn't take long for a Corrupted to appear at their school, where in the end, Mallory decides to confront the Corrupted.

    I hope you enjoy reading this new chapter<3

    See you later :D<3
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    Chapter 3 - A quick glimpse of a close future

    Faced with the Corrupted who watches her, Mallory stands ready for any hasty movement of the Corrupted, knowing that due to the irrational nature of a Corrupted, this would not take long to happen.

    Mallory, are you sure you will face this Corrupted without summoning me?” An imposing female voice echoes through Mallory's mind with a tone of concern.

    "Yes I have. If the situation gets complicated, I summon you.
    Mallory responds mentally with a confident tone that leaves the owner of the voice in her head apprehensive about what Mallory will do.

    After this quick conversation, the Corrupted runs toward Mallory, but due to the thick layer of energy corrupted in his body, his speed is slowed down enough for Mallory to predict what the Corrupted will do.

    The Corrupted quickly approaches Mallory and she prepares to attack the Corrupted with her sword, but before that happens, the Corrupted stops quickly and takes a huge leap toward the school's second floor, clinging to one of the school's columns with his tentacles. Mallory and the students watching the situation become startled by what happened. The students were terrified and began to run away from the Corrupted, while Mallory put his sword in a similar position to a launch.

    Meanwhile, the Corrupted managed to enter the school building, causing a great panic inside of the school. Even though the Corrupted is acting irrationally, he begins to walk down the school's 2nd floor corridor, looking for some specific place. After some more walking, the Corrupted stops in front of a room.

    Before entering, Mallory ends up appearing at an astonishing speed, kicking the Corrupted, throwing it aside and holding onto one wall of the room with his tentacles.

    "I think it was a good idea to throw me with the weight of the sword up here." Mallory speaks with a tone of relief, remembering that he used the weight of the sword and launched himself into the 2nd floor of the school.

    "As much as I don't like the idea, I admit it was faster, so I have nothing to complain about you this time." The female voice in Mallory's mind retorts with irony.

    After this, Mallory realizes that the Corrupted is lifted off the ground after receiving the kick.

    "Ready. Now the Corrupted is wanting to study.” Saying with an arrogant and degrading tone, Mallory stands in combat stance, holding her sword back due to the weight and size of the sword.

    After this insult, the Corrupted begins to make some strange noise, which makes Mallory slightly confused until...

    Don't stop me, Mallory ..."

    Even though Mallory keeps a serious expression, she is surprised that the Corrupted has spoken.

    Mallory, I think you'd better back off." The female voice in Mallory's mind asks with a tone of caution.

    Why?” Mallory asks mentally.

    This is not a normal Corrupted. It has arisen from intense negative emotions, so as time goes by and it stays that way, it will get smarter.” Even with that explanation ...

    "So that's it ... That's what I needed."

    What? Mallory stops being stubborn and will think of something to confront him more intelligently."

    But this is the opportunity. If I can handle a normal Corrupted, I must increase the challenge. That way, I'll get more experience…
    ” Speaking in an ambitious tone, Mallory ends up being interrupted.

    Damn it, Mallory! Forget it! Prefer your challenge or your life?!

    After hearing this, Mallory is reluctant, but in the end, she begins to take a few steps back, trying to distance herself from the Corrupted, but upon seeing this, the Corrupted begins to walk towards Mallory, but with a more humane standing.

    Why are you running away, Mallory? Are you afraid of me?

    Mallory ends up walking backwards and watches Corrupted, who is trying to provoke her.

    If you're going to be going backwards, it's better to speed up, because it's no use if I'm walking toward you.” The Corrupted is speaking with a masculine voice, but a little distorted due to the corrupted energy on him, but Mallory manages to understand and start grinding your teeth in anger at being teased, but still...

    So you decided to act more humane? That's weird. I've always thought that plagues like you only acted on instinct, like an unreasonable animal beast.” Even with inner hatred for the taunts, Mallory tries to do the same with the Corrupted, but apparently he’s just maintaining his posture.

    Brute? Ahhhh! So that's what you call humans who are withdrawn by their feelings, isn't it?" The Corrupted speaks in a sarcastic and imposing tone.

    If a human being cannot deal with life's obstacles and agrees to corrupt themselves, how do you think I, a Summoner, should treat a corrupted plague? Like a poor guy who can't stand it, or like a coward who prefers to go to the worst side of it?” An imposing feeling is felt in Mallory's words, but apparently it had no effect on the Corrupted, who simply got a slight smile in the face.

    You talk like I want to give up on life.” The Corrupted responds sarcastically.

    And am I wrong? For someone who doesn't want to accept reality?" Mallory asks with a serious tone.

    Even though the person who encouraged me, you really despise the people below you, don't you, Mallory?” The Corrupted speaks in a suggestive tone that makes Mallory confused about what she just heard.

    I encouraged? I would never do that to a plague like you." After saying that, the Corrupted is surprised and his tentacles begin to shake.

    "Plague? Then that's it? IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL ANYONE? The only plague here … IS YOU!
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    The Corrupted tentacles advance against Mallory, but she dodges, jumping back. Three tentacles end up hitting and sticking to the left wall of Mallory, where the Corrupted had stopped to watch, on the ceiling and a column to the right of Mallory where the students were leaning before the Corrupted arrived, respectively, but the fourth tentacle stopped before hitting the floor.

    Taking advantage of this, the Corrupted pulls itself with his tentacles attached and gets the impulse to throw itself towards Mallory, making her be surprised, even with a serious expression. The Corrupted arrives, trying to punch his right, but Mallory defends by putting his sword in front of him like a shield, stopping the attack, but the tentacle that had not caught up quickly sweeps across Mallory's face, causing a superficial scratch.


    There was no time to see this attack, which the Corrupted ends up pulling the tentacles attached to the column and the wall, along with concrete pieces of the building, to hit Mallory from the sides.

    Mallory, fall back!” The female voice warns Mallory that she makes her jump back, preventing her from being hit and taking her sword with her.

    In the meantime, the Corrupted moves forward again with punches, creating a synchronized thrust of punches against Mallory's sword. Mallory begins to back slowly with the impact of the blows.

    "Damn it! I need to find a mistake in that.” Mallory thinks about it as she remains desperate to stay steady on the floor.

    During one of the Corrupted blows, Mallory notices a loophole, where the attack with his hands is relatively equal to that of a human and the tentacles are prepared to prevent Mallory's counterattack. Mallory holds an attack from the right and she takes advantage of that to take a short jump back. The Corrupted's three tentacles set off toward Mallory, but Mallory manages to bend down and get a boost by stepping on the ground and quickly advances against the Corrupted, as the tentacles eventually cling to the ground behind her after she does so.

    Mallory picks up his sword and prepares to make a horizontal cut into the Corrupted's abdomen, but the Corrupted pulls himself with his tentacle that was stuck to the ceiling a few moments ago. Thus, the Corrupted is pulled back, making Mallory almost hit the Corrupted. Taking advantage of this, the Corruption pulls its other three tentacles with concrete pieces from the building, to hit Mallory from behind, but she can get down in time.

    As the tentacles return to the Corrupted, Mallory takes advantage of the Corrupted's own blind field and launch her sword very hard towards the Corrupted. The Corrupted ends up seeing through one of the space breaches of its tentacles and turns away from the sword to the left. The sword ends up breaking the pieces of concrete, but it doesn’t hit the Corrupted who stares at the sword being thrown away from where it is.

    How stupid of her. What did she think ...
    ” Before the Corrupted thought of some sarcastic thought…

    Radiant ...

    The Corrupted turns to look at Mallory and realizes that she is very close to him, her right hand illuminated by a golden light ...


    Mallory ends up hitting the Corrupted's abdomen, creating an explosion, causing the Corrupted to be hit very hard and effectively, but Mallory can't see anything due to the dust created by the pressure of her blow.

    Trying to see her standing for a few seconds, Mallory falls to her knees, breathing hard, as if she had become extremely worn out after the blow.

    Mallory, why did you do that? You know if you use my uncontrolled skills, your body gets tired very fast!” The female voice ends up scolding Mallory, who simply tries to get up without calling that scolding.

    I had no choice. It was the only way… I saw it hit… hit him.” Mallory answers mentally, even though she gasps heavily.

    Hit him? You don't even know if he hit him.” The female voice continues to speak in a scolding tone.

    Wait for this dust if…” Before the sentence is finished, the dust has dissipated and Mallory realizes that the Corrupted is no longer there, only noticing a hole in the wall at the end of that corridor.

    "Damn it! That bastard!” Mallory gets very angry, realizing that the Corrupted may have fled from her after the dust had lifted.

    Having been rampant, Mallory ends up sitting on the floor, catching her breath. Resting, Mallory keeps thinking of something the Corrupted said.

    "Even though he was the one who encouraged me ... What did he mean by that?" Mallory is intrigued by those words, trying to remember something she did during that first week of class.

    After a few seconds of thinking, Mallory tries to stay upright, but ends up leaning against the wall, as if she was very worn out from this quick fight against the Corrupted.

    Mallory, you are in no condition to face him again. When you used my ability, she sucked all of her magical energy. If you're going to face him now, you're going to be at a disadvantage.” The female voice ends up telling a reality Mallory is refusing to accept.

    "Not. I need to protect ... the students of this ... school." Even with the stubbornness, Mallory tries to stay upright, but still can't take a step because of the fatigue related to that voice's ability in her mind.

    Before she can try to walk, Mallory almost falls to the ground, but is held by her left arm.

    "Don't you think you need to stop for a moment, Mallory?"
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    Mallory realizes that the one holding her arm was Cyro, who had not left the school building, even with the Corrupted inside her.

    Even avoiding falling to the floor, Mallory pulls his arm and is slightly furious with him.

    What are you still doing here?! You should be out of this building!" Even furiously, Mallory shows concern over Cyro's presence.

    The students on the floors above here went down the other access stairs. But when I went down, I heard an explosion noise and I came to see what it was.” Cyro answers calmly, but Mallory turns out to be serious beyond measure.

    And even with the danger, you decided to come. Why?" Mallory asks with a greater intonation.

    After hearing this, Cyro is silent for a few seconds, but turns around without answering Mallory. Even realizing that Cyro is hiding something about his reason for helping her, Mallory doesn't ask and just sighs heavily.

    Let's find this Corrupted fast. He shouldn't have gone far.” Cyro starts walking slowly toward the stairs, and even reluctantly, Mallory starts walking slowly, leaning against the wall.

    "Hmph." Mallory ends up making a wry breath, making Cyro look curious.

    What's up?” Cyro asks with an expression of discomfort.

    I don't think this is the best time to ask. Let's go… ” Mallory manages to stay upright and begins to follow Cyro down the access stairs between the school floors.


    On the first floor of the school, some students are trying to get out slowly and without suspicion from the school cafeteria, where the Corrupted ended up after being gripped by Mallory's magical ability a few moments ago. Even though walking normally with a visibly objective intention of finding something, the Corrupted puts his right hand in the area where Mallory hit him, feeling discomfort.

    Even giving me encouragement to talk to Melissa, she did that to me.” The Corrupted thinks to himself as he searches for something.

    Find ... Find ... Find ... Love ... Love ..." A distorted voice echoes through the mind of the Corrupted, as if the Corrupted is being motivated by these words.

    I need to find her and say how much I love her.” The Corrupted begins to say this in a low tone as he searches for such a person.

    Nearby, on the access stairs, Cyro and Mallory are watching the Corrupted so they are not seen.

    "What do you think he's looking for?" Mallory asks Cyro, who simply looks at her with an expression of irony.

    "As if I would know." Cyro responds sarcastically, which makes Mallory uncomfortable with the answer.

    While watching the Corruption walk slowly around the cafeteria, some students manage to leave the cafeteria through the windows, even though they are seen by the Corrupted.

    "That's weird. He does not seem interested in hurting the students. Why?” Mallory asks Cyro curiously as they discreetly follow the Corrupted walking through the cafeteria.

    Did you happen to see him doing something a Corrupted wouldn't normally do?” Cyro asks Mallory curiously.

    "Well ... The only thing I remember is that he stopped in front of a room before I faced him upstairs." Mallory responds remembering the moment she found the Corrupted.

    Shouting someone's name and stopping in front of a classroom… This is not something a Corrupt would do. At least, not a normal Corrupted.” Cyro answers to himself, but saying in a tone Mallory can hear.

    What do you mean a normal Corrupted wouldn't do that?” Mallory asks curiously, which leaves Cyro surprised by the question.

    You are a Summoner. You should know there are other types of Corrupteds." Cyro responds in a hostile and serious tone, discrediting Mallory's lack of information as summoner.

    And you know anything?” Even incredulous at what she heard, Mallory asks with a wry tone.

    "I know ... That Corrupted arose out of negativity." Cyro responds as he looks where the Corrupted is looking.

    Negativity?” Mallory asks curiously, but keeping his stance serious.

    Corruption is a living energy that takes over any living being or physical form to do something that no human yet knows. The most generic form is that which turns its hosts into destruction-hungry, unintelligent, instinct-driven monsters. But this Corrupted is acting with conscience. He's using the host's negative emotions or ambitious goals to stay in control in this way.” Cyro explains what kind of Corruption this is for Mallory as he recalls the Corrupted situation he saw earlier this week.

    "Wow. For someone who isn't Summoner, you know too much.” Mallory speaks in a calm tone, but it makes Cyro uncomfortable.

    Anyone who searches well can find this type of information.” Even uncomfortable, Cyro responds with a serious tone.

    "I know ... But coming from you, I didn't expect that." Mallory comments quickly, making Cyro more uncomfortable with those words.

    "We shouldn't always create an image of people without knowing each other before, don't you think, Mallory Shinozaki?"

    After hearing this, Mallory stares at Cyro strangely.

    "What did you mean by that?" Mallory keeps thinking about that until...


    The Corrupted ends up stopping at the corner of one of the school hallways that connects the school administrative rooms with the cafeteria, where he finds a girl crouching, and her hands over her head, shaking with fear.
    Mallory prepares to move forward and save that machine, but...

    Calm down, I won't hurt you, Melissa." The Corrupted ended up speaking in a more human tone, as if that distorted voice had been erased.

    Cyro and Mallory are staring at the Corrupted, but afraid of the girl being hurt, the two ends up hiding behind a column of the cafeteria, watching the situation.

    How do you know my name?” The girl named Melissa asks with a startled tone.

    As? It's me, Melissa." As she says these words, Melissa pays attention to the physical form of the Corrupted and notices a small scar mark on the Corrupted's face.

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    Both Melissa, Cyro and Mallory were amazed by this. Even so, the Corrupted shows an expression of happiness.

    Yeah, Melissa. It's me.The Corrupt still speaks in his normal voice.

    "It's not possible. The Ed I know ...” Trying to say something, Melissa ends up being interrupted.

    "Calm. I'm still the Ed you know, Melissa. It's just that ... It was just a slip of mine. I can save myself from that.The Corrupted speaks in a calm tone, as if all his agitation is calming down.

    Cyro, is this possible?” Mallory asks Cyro curiously.

    "Yes. This is a flaw in this Corrupted. If he achieves what the victim wants, his corrupted energy will dissipate. But if he can't, the situation can get worse.” Cyro responds calmly, while Mallory realizes she needs to be ready for any suspicious Corrupted moves.

    "So. What do I need to do?" Mallory asks Cyro with concern.

    "I have an idea." Cyro answers as he and Mallory hide behind the column to think about what to do.

    "Ed, how can you do this?"

    Melissa asks Corrupted, who seems to be under control.

    "Simple ..." The Corrupted ends up positioning itself humanly and...

    "Just hang out with me, Melissa."

    A silence occupies the entire refectory. Those words were strange, but clearly, it showed what emotion or purpose Ed wanted to be corrupted. Even with a smile...

    "What? I go out with you? A freak like you?" Melissa ends up answering in a thick, disgusted tone at Corrupted's request, leaving the Corrupted perplexed.

    Why are you saying that, Melissa? Don't you ...The Corrupt tries to say something, but gets interrupted.

    I never wanted you to think about that. I just liked you as a friend and I would agree to leave if you asked before. But now, you are a Corrupted. A monster! I would never do that, even if you were back to normal now!

    SHUT UP!The Corrupted ends up shaking and holding Melissa by the tentacles, in a very monstrous voice.

    Let me go!” Melissa tries somehow to let go, but as she struggles, the tentacles grip her more, starting to hurt her.

    I ALWAYS WANTED YOU IN MY LIFE! AND NOW YOU'RE GOING!” Even with Melissa's scream of pain, the Corrupted shudder even more.

    KILL ... KILL ... KILL!" The voice in the Corrupted's head gets louder, encouraging him to do the worst.

    "You know what, Melissa ..."

    And with a menacing look, similar to that of a cold assassin killing his victim, the Corrupted looks at Melissa and...

    If you don't want to be mine ... YOU WILL BE NO ONE ELSE!"

    The Corrupted begins to put more force on the tentacles to crush Melissa's ribs, causing her to utter a very loud scream of pain that echoes throughout the cafeteria. And in a split second...

    Radiant ... WAVE!

    The Corrupted looks back to see what it is, but in half a second, a thin wave of golden energy ends up cutting through the tentacles that were holding Melissa.


    Before holding Melissa, a cafeteria chair is hurled in his face, becoming dizzy for a second. After opening his eyes, he realizes that Melissa is no longer there. Turning to the side...


    Cyro, who had thrown the chair in the Corrupted's face, had quickly appeared in the corner of the cafeteria and carried Melissa into his arms as quickly as possible, even afraid of what might have happened to him and Melissa.

    It's up to you now, Mallory!” Cyro ends up screaming as he glances back.

    Before he starts running after Cyro, Mallory ends up hitting a flying kick in Corrupted's face, causing him to be thrown outside the school building, breaking a wall in the process.

    "Now ... You don't escape me, you freak."

    As the Corrupted slowly rises, Mallory, with a serious and defiant look, comes walking through the Corrupted hole in the cafeteria wall, holding his sword very firmly in his imposing posture.

    The Corrupted gets to his feet, but now, before him, Mallory stands facing him, quite confident and steady, holding his sword. And raising his sword, Mallory aims in the direction of the Corrupted...

    Better to have the courage and willingness to face me now. Because when I finish you… you’ll regret of all this mess that you did!

    End of Chapter 3
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